You are not a male and you never were. (by Sobieski)

I don’t want to get all grammar Nazi on you but this is important. I see it everywhere, people referring to people with penises (testicles, XY chromosomes) as male. OK. The word “male” has two uses. The first as is an adjective, as in a male firefighter, the male doctor, a part of the male anatomy. There is no problem with this; it is the correct usage for that adjective. The second use as a noun, e.g. “I have been studying a pack of wolves for six months and the males do most of the hunting”. As a noun, the word male always refers to lower animals that have penises. Dogs, cats, cows, they are lower animals and can be male.

The proper term for a human being that has a penis is a “man”. Said another way, the human male is properly called a man, by definition.
Why is this important? How did the Nazi’s get away with murdering all those people in the concentration camps? Simple, the Nazi’s never murdered a human, not one. They redefined the Jews, Roma, Slovaks, etc. as untermensch, sub humans. After years of brainwashing, the German people believed those people were no different than cattle, sub human. They kill cows all the time because they aren’t human, so why not kill the other sub humans?

You read the above and you are still not sure. Ok, call a woman (feminist) on line or real life a “female” and they go ape shit. I have done this many times and their reaction proves my point. They don’t want to be called “female” because they find it “dehumanizing”. That is quote from several online chats I’ve had. How is it any different for men? I have also seen feminist writers mix terms intentionally, e.g. “I saw a group of woman and males waiting for the bus.” It seems a little odd to be so inconsistent unless you are pushing an agenda. Watch for it and you’ll see it.
Pay attention to language as it is brainwashing. You aren’t a male, you never were. The human male is called a man. You are a man. Always remember that.

3 thoughts on “You are not a male and you never were. (by Sobieski)

  1. If someone use “males” instead of “men”, the solution is easy: just use “females and men” until they freak out.
    Then a discussion could, eventually, begin.

  2. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a subtlety I had failed to notice. I will remember from now on to catch the minor details while listening to someone speak. I usually dont listen much to females anymore though.

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