Sell Me Marriage.

With the secret out, about how women are taking advantage of men in every way possible, and the government enforcing this scrupulous behavior, marriage is at an all time low. All of these women are now finding that they are aging alone, and trying to fill the void with cats. Ironically, cats are a lot like women, with conditional love, quickly changing their behavior from moment to moment, constantly changing their current desires and demands, with no sense of responsibility in any of it. Why would a man, who bases their life on logic in every way, except when it comes to love, want to partake in such a failed idea.
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Today, due to these things, women are pulling out all of the stops. We see shaming, force, being put on the spot, manipulation, coercion, deviance, and so on and so on. Men are no longer biting the bait, and the women are flopping on the shores begging to be picked up. In some cases, instead of fish, manatees are more fitting. Either way, women are trying to sell men on marriage.

With these attempts, women no longer hide their high demands and selfishness in life. They expect the best while they offer nothing. They give a list of requirements, from looks to income, from intellect to willingness of servitude, from position to being put on a pedestal. These lists of demands will then judge a man, should they have to settle, to remind him of how unworthy he is of the woman.
The woman has no commitment in her heart. Whether the woman settles or by some miracle you meet all of your requirements, a time will still come when she begins to regret as she starts to believe that she can do better. She has fleeting feelings that she will follow, meaning that the man will eventually be part of her past, even the best of men. When she has made this decision, based on feelings, she will then treat the man as horribly as possible. She will blame him for everything not being the fantasy that she dreamed in her head, even if it was truly perfect. The man will then be dismissed any possible way once she has found another clueless man that has fallen for her siren’s call.

With all of this in mind, I am reminded to one of my favorite movie scenes, in which I have never even seen the movie. I just find this scene to be raw truth.

~Uly the Cunning

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