Men have no right to defend themselves.


Women have an innate ability to never take fault for their actions. This is a well understood thing, but overlooked is the way that they shift blame and how we are shamed to call them out or try to defend ourselves from their bad behavior and lies. The video below displays the typical tantrum that you will find when a woman is not getting her way. Having been married and dated many women, I can tell you that all of the women I have experienced have done this exact same thing.

Watching this video, you will first notice how unreasonable the woman is behaving. You hear how she accuses the guy repeatedly for her irrational behavior and how he is the great oppressor. More importantly, at 02:44, the husband points out how women is now texting, posting on facebook, and telling the world of how bad the husband treats her, which she even confirms that she doing so, along with more excuses and tantrum. This wild and uninhibited behavior is unknown to anyone not witnessing the insanity in person or, in fortune of his foresight, this video. If you could read her messages, you will see things such as:

“He is”… “yelling at me”, “refusing to love me”, “hit me”, “is abusing me”, or something along the lines to play the victim card, which is more recently recognized widely as the ‘me too’ mentality.

The moment she sends these messages through the many methods of social media that she utilizes, everyone receiving them starts building a loathing mentality towards the man. He is automatically assumed the bad guy by all women and all blue pill men hoping for their chance at her. Without any proof of her claims, no matter how unreasonable her accusations are, everyone assumes they are true and she is the poor victim.

victim card

To add insult to injury to the man that had to suffer this child-like behavior from a grown woman, he is shamed for recording her to prove that he was not doing any of the lies that she propagated. The husband a bad guy for being insensitive to his wife.

To summarize this video, and the reaction by the women and blue pilled men who watched it, you can sum it up by saying that ‘the game is rigged.’ There is no escaping your position as the ‘villain.’ You are guilty for all that she accuses and if you prove she has lied, you are guilty of being insensitive to her feelings to have the right to claim you are guilty of these things. Women are the perpetual victim of their own feelings, irresponsibility, immaturity and mental breakdowns and the man is the imagined cause of all of this.


The only way to avoid this pointless and winless situation is to not get involved. The more you mingle with a woman, the less rights you have as a man.

~Uly the Cunning


One thought on “Men have no right to defend themselves.

  1. I remember one time a woman I was living with had this irrational delusion that I was flirting with another woman at an apartment when we’re all hanging out with a group of men and women.

    I told her I was not going to argue with her and rages when I’m getting up to aking off. “What? You going to leave?!?! i’m going to call the police and tell them that you HIT me.”

    Having had months in jail a decade before, I knew the drill ansI run out of the place and call the police first to tell her that I have a girlfriend who is fabricating that I tried to hit her.

    The police did not take me to jail. Instead even though my name was on the least and she split the rent with me equally, I had to go to an alcohol detox because the cops have to do something thanks to the domestic violence laws that are unconstitutional and draconian.

    Guess what the junkie bitch did? Obviously she traded my TV in for crack. But she claimed that it was stolen because she forgot to leave the place locked or something. In Phoenix, I would have had to pay 2 times what it cost me to buy the used TV in the end of old box analog boob-tube days of 2007 to even charge her with theft.

    In 1995 I had a woman make up a false domestic violence charge, I spent two months in jail pretrial. Some might be thinking where there’s smoke there’s some fire. Or that I must have the wrong picker. These one of them are good women for a while and then they turn their back on me like a goddamn snake. Kinda ike the Fable of the Scorpion and Frog!

    Great essay. I’ve lived it two times with two different women. The way things are going, in a weird way wouldn’t surprise me if we have White Sharia with these women a hundred years from now. Then they’d be really wishing for the so-called patriarchy!

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