Discussing the Impact of Social Media on Dating (by C^Pig)

I once had a conversation with a brother where we were discussing the impact of social media on dating.

I’ll call 2007/2008 as the beginning of the modern social media/smartphone era. I’ve dated women on both sides of this divide as had he. There are massive differences in dating culture pre 2007/2008 whenever compared to the shit show we call today. To summarize, I must say the negative traits of women in the dating pool have been massively amplified by smartphone technologies and on more fronts than can be written.


For example, let’s examine the online dating dinner simp rinsing phenomena. Pre-social media, when a woman’s potential simp pool was 1-3 orders of magnitude smaller, even the simpiest of men would quickly learn that a particular woman was a rinser and word quickly spread. Now, women can attract fresh simp supply from a surprisingly large area. My research has provided multiple examples of actual simps pleading to drive two hours to meet one of my props. No, I called him off the chase.


Pre-social media, one generally knew your competition. Whenever a Chad arrived into the physical realm, he was damn obvious to even the thickest blue pill addled mind. Today, a woman can easily have multiple secret Chads with whom she consorts. In my observations, normal women tend to stick to a single Chad while the promiscuous ones often have multiple Chads. Every one of my props, will get Chads coming on to it nearly immediately. These Chads are surprisingly easy to manipulate often behaving as if they were trained seals.


I remember a world prior to 2007 where one would be able to spend “quality” time with a female without her shoving her stinking beak into a smartphone screen every 10 minutes. Now that she has multiple orders of magnitude of more men available to her, she gets pinged constantly. I remember when I first encountered having to actually compete with a social media equipped smartphone thinking how rude she was. I would advise men to use this to our advantage as an indicator in gauging a female’s interest in you. If she is into you, then most of those orbiters will be rejected. However, the wiliest ones can quite easily hide their most special, chaddy orbiters from you. Beware!


Social media has rendered dating moot. It hobbles men as much as it empowers women to become the souless looters they are. It took this particular conversation for me to realize that smartphones/social media played a significant role in my choice to become Independent. We are not alone.


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