Shocking Statistics of the modern day woman. (By BeachBum)

For the Holidays to reinforce how great it is to be alone, Here are various government statistics of today’s woman and their poor choices… I feel for our younger blue pill men believing they can find a good girlfriend/wife in todays society amongst the pool of bad behavior and poor choices that occur in high percentages of woman…


Prescription Drugs-

66% of woman use prescription drugs between the ages of 18 to 34.

My opinion is that pharmaceuticals are engineered chemicals that alter our body’s chemistry to achieve results. Not to mention the horrifying side effects and permenent alteration of body chemistry from extended use. Woman are so easy to pop a pill to get them through their shitty lives..

Abortion- ( 2017 statistics)

19% of woman ages 15 – 19 had an Abortion

33% of woman ages 20 – 24 had an AbortioN

25% of woman ages 30+ had on abortion

Aside from the religious reasons for pro-life, abortion is a big lie for woman. It’s not just a simple medical procedure like removing a tumor. Many woman afterwards feel Guilt, shame and low self-esteem from realizing they took a life away, Despite what society told her that it’s “all OK to have an abortion- it’s your female right over your body”

Single Mothers- ( 2017 statistics )

25% of woman are single mothers

40% of babies born are to single mothers

Income for Single Mothers- ( 2017)

32% make $40k or more yearly

10% make $80k or more yearly

Median Income for Single Mothers in 2011 was $20k

These stats are for the “Millennial woman” group, but the age group was not specified. It goes to show you that only about 10% of single Mothers realistically make enough money on their own to raise a family by herself. Kids are expensive, $80k seems like poverty in today’s world to have enough for how expensive kids are. It also reflects that about 68% of Single Mothers are below income of $40k. These stats don’t even account for Child Support, but show a wider reality that woman will have children when they can’t even support themselves alone..



58% estimated of woman in todays society have tattoos.

This covers all ages of woman. It’s common knowledge among men that woman with tattoos “put out easily”. To me, tattoos on a woman have always been a sign of a whore and promiscuity. What man wants a wife that’s had a shit load of sexual partners before him?


It was hard to find specific demo statistics for woman in certain age groups. But it’s estimated that 1 in 4 woman have Herpes. This doesn’t even account for all the other STD’s.

Take heed Blue Pillers, Woman are a mess all around! Like when “Dufrain” wrote to “Red” in that letter found under the big tree- “I hope this Thread finds you Blue Pillers, and finds you well!”



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