March 8th, International Male Oppression Day

No day signifies how unfairly men are treated in the world than March 8th. The above and beyond privileges of women are magnified and celebrated, as they continue to demand more privileges each and every year.

Last year, I posted on this on Twitter and was banned less than one minute after the tweet. Men are not allowed a voice, opinion, thought or platform, as women continue to demand they are the only ones that deserve unearned respect and rewards. They do this, all while constantly shouting how oppressed they are from their mansions built by men.

We have all seen the many ways in which women continually push men down in the name of their version of equality, but I think this year we should start a new trend. This year, join me in once again wishing everyone a Happy International Male Oppression Day.

~Uly the Cunning

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