For the first time, I agree with feminist.

Women have been using children as a weapon for possibly as long as they could have them. The female mind is self-preservation and often tossing children as a tool for sympathy or revenge, or even a shield of responsibility or consequences. The strange part comes to how this is accepted as an okay behavior and often expected with misplaced understanding. What happens if you force the female to be responsible and face consequences for her actions?  This question might finally have an answer if this concept of a Man’s financial Abortion is accepted into law.

Some feminist are speaking up to give fathers the right to opt out of the financial burden of having a child. Feminist are on board for this, as they hear time and time again how we point out the truth of their weakness and inability to be the self-proclaimed strong woman that they so desperately want us to believe they are. Without the ability to have the government forcing an undeserved income from a hard working man, how will the self-chosen single mother get by? Well, she will have to rely on big daddy government for handouts or make something of herself.

This is the first time I have seen a feminist say something that actually made sense. There is no reason that any man should be forced to pay for a woman’s indecisive and emotionally unstable decisions. If you hook up with a woman, she pokes holes in your condoms, lies about being on the pill, or any numerous way that women entrap men, including lying about even having sex with him and getting pregnant from an entirely different man. This gives the man a choice to say, no, I will not be pulled into that vortex of lies and deceit. She will have to face the consequences of her actions on her own, and I will not be her whipping boy to take the punishment of her poor life decisions.

This is something that has been an ongoing battle on both sides, but the recent interest in this by feminist has been promising. This is a chance for them to put some action behind their loud mouthed claims that have had no reinforcement before this. This is a chance for women to be that strong and independent woman that they so desperately want everyone to believe that they are.

I am for the option of a Man’s Financial Abortion.

~Uly the Cunning


3 thoughts on “For the first time, I agree with feminist.

  1. No way that feminists will support Financial Abortion for men, they’ll oppose it.
    Just like they opposed shared parenthood after a divorce.
    In both cases few feminists ALLEGE that they’re for equality, but it’s not going to happen.

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