Every Man Deserves a Good Life

In this modern society, men are constantly driven to provide and give to women and then told how horrible they are for being a man and not doing enough. Nothing is ever enough. The social, entertainment, and press medias continue to bash men and lift women as being superior. When a man is finally talked about in a positive way, they do so through racial reasoning, to ensure division among men. This constant push to belittle men and their human value ensures cheap labor and government power to grow. Just when men decide to think for themselves, we get flooded by media to build racial tensions or some other variation of division, so men will be less willing to trust one another. This barrier between those that control this media and those that are targeted by it is called a class system. Mike the MGTOW Monk did a video recently about a research project with mice, showing how the class system works and how the workhorse is used, receiving little for his labor. Watch the video below.

With the recent push of racial tensions in the media in the past decade, I have seen many who did not exemplify these racist behaviors, and an extreme few who did. I found that most who did hold to a racist ideology did so out of anger that they could not let go, or ignorance that they refused to learn more about. In my experience, men of any color still bleeds red, still breathes oxygen and still feels pain. We should not allow ourselves to fall victim to the media’s outpouring of propaganda that embraces the hatred, and we should not allow ourselves to be utilized by government or groups who attempt to control us through manipulation. Hate breeds disaster. Morgan Freeman said it best when he told Mike Wallace that Black History is American History. We are all one people, and allowing this division to get between us will only increase the rights we sacrifice in our future.

There should not be a black history month, white history month, or any racial month. Just as Morgan Freeman said, no race should have their history relegated to a month. If you are American, regardless of your skin color, you deserve to be celebrating and celebrated in American History. Men are continuing to be divided in this ridiculous standard, while women continue to abuse the legal system, empowered by the legal system, taking advantage of all men, regardless of your skin color. All men, of every color, deserves a good life. All men, of every color, is someone that I will stand up for and stand up with. Don’t relegate your history and your value, as all men are worth more than that.

~Uly the Cunning


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