Hikkomori; an “Analysis” ~ by The Evil Genius

Hikikomori is the phenomenon of social isolation. Or as we understand it: exiting society. Below is a video lecture on the topic of hikikomori . What is interesting in the video is that this is treated as a mental illness. Social withdraw is considered a “problem”–a clinical illness one “suffers”. And the lecturer makes an interesting Freudian slip at 17:50 in which he describes people “suffering” from social isolation as “infected” then corrects himself with the word “affected”. So from his point of view those who reject the distractions and illusions of society have somehow been infected with something that must be treated.

As MGTOW we know there is nothing “wrong” with these guys but something very “right” with them/us. The lecturer never considers the possibility that these men have evaluated the toxic/destructive forces of our society and simply decided to remove themselves from this environment. In fact he never even discusses the environmental influences but just assumes that society is WONDERFUL and anyone questioning it must be mentally ill. Obviously his premise is deeply flawed, and fails to recognize the individual CHOICE men have made–oh no that doesn’t enter into the equation at all.

He does however recognize that men withdrawing from the rat race imperils society–and THAT is the real point. This is all about men choosing to refrain from rescuing a doomed society. Well I have some bad news for this guy. It is not the men who are mentally disturbed, it is society that has the problem. And all the drugs and therapy in the world will not halt the movement of men away from this cesspool. We will continue to enjoy the peace and tranquility of solitude and we will watch their filthy, self-destructive, society consume itself and burn to ground. Good riddance.

~The Evil Genius

(How society tries to illustrate hikikomori as, calling it a syndrome):

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(What hikikomori really is):

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It is not unhealthy to be wise and enjoy life.


2 thoughts on “Hikkomori; an “Analysis” ~ by The Evil Genius

  1. Social isolation is a strong medicine. It does both: testing and -hopefully- forming our tolerance towards being alone. The importance of the latter is paramount, because a man who cannot find peace inside himself is unable to find it anywhere else; though this peace comes with a price tag attached, naturally.
    The illusions about the self and the world will not live to see the day man uncovers peace within.

    Society on the other hand depends on the -harmful- belief in its lies, the individual´s choice to leave them behind is therefore undermining society´s ability to function and survive as long as it does not drastically change to encompass the truth about the self and the world, while simultaneously leaving behind the illusions it is at all cost clinging to in an attempt to keep on with its hollow self-aggrandisement indefinitely.

    It is noteworthy, that certain companionable activities are not sanctioned or viewed as such by larger society. In other words: people, who are engaged in clubby activities that do not correspond to what society deems “social”, are viewed as isolating themselves albeit not from human interactions, but from the sanctioned range or the plantation of mainstream society.
    Operating outside the norm therefore gets confused with social isolation ahelluvalot.

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