What is the true marriage and divorce rate?

When we discuss marriage and divorce, many who still defend this institution, point to the statistics that are put out by the government. What they fail to do is look into where those numbers come from. Interestingly enough, those numbers have been changed well after those years have passed. Even more intriguing is how many exclusions are present when discussing divorce numbers.

With marriage statistics, it is mostly cut and dry. The numbers were fluffed some, as explained by the revision statement, but they are relatively correct.
When it comes to reporting the statistics of divorce, we begin to see some interesting additional notes. Mainly that some of the largest divorce rate locations are omitted from this. California has the highest divorce rate of any state, and is said to have more divorces than any other state, yet they fail to be included in this report year after year. Hawaii is also a high divorce rate state, also excluded. When you look up the statistic for California, they are listed by county, and only select counties, and details are very difficult to find. In fact, the details usually just state that the divorce rate is 60 percent, despite that looking at certain counties as trend, it would be over 70 percent.
So what is the real divorce rate? I think it is suffice to say that it is bad enough that the government does not want you to know. When you have to put doctored reports, and even alter decade old reports for appearance, then you know the reality is far worse than what they will tell.

With divorce and family court being one of the largest income businesses for the government, it is no wonder they don’t want people to worry about it. But with the marriage rate being lower than ever recorded before, the government is beginning to worry. That, and the fact that our population of American citizens is decreasing, with a very low birth rate that follows a low marriage and high divorce rate. This is not an exclusive situation to the United States. Nearly every nation is seeing this in their own statistics and trends.

With this becoming too big to hide behind doctored statistic reports, it might be time for the government to start thinking of cause and effect. The cause is easy to find, by looking at the one things all of these nations have in common. The common denominator of these nations is the introduction of Feminism, which is a disease to society and family. With feminism, females never mentally mature and fail to accept even the simplest of responsibilities. The men are trampled by this female behavior, and taken to task to make up for the deficiencies of the females. As such, Men no longer want females in their lives and females want a dozen or more men in theirs. The only cure for this is to hold females responsible and remove laws holding men accountable for female behavior.

~Uly the Cunning


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