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Google has a big gaming announcement coming in 19 March 2019  


Uly The Cunning
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20/02/2019 1:02 am  

Google has been trying to get their hands in everything, all the while monitoring and selling user information as they go. In a strange 'coincidence', Google is planning a big announcement for gaming almost the exact same day that Steam announced their big reveal in 2002. Perhaps this Google's way to try to steal the thunder of Valve/Steam's reveal day, or perhaps it is just coincidence.

Google is holding a mysterious gaming press event at GDC next month

With this big release, there is also word of an Amazon, Sony, Microsoft, and NVidia doing the same. Competition for Steam is not anything new as there are already numerous gaming streaming services out there, but none have made much more than a small ripple on the market. One of the most invested competitions to Steam, EA, attempted and failed to make ground with Origin, but will these companies fair better?

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20/02/2019 5:16 am  

Google is the Standard Oil of the 21st century.

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20/02/2019 8:44 am  

I predict it will be a new online shooter called something like 'Call of Vagina' with a mode called 'capture the tampon.

I'm taking the piss for effect, but I wonder how close it will be