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New Xbox console announced to be released this year.  


Uly The Cunning
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22/05/2020 3:52 am  

With technology making another jump in advancement, we are looking at the future of video games and their level of entertainment. Microsoft has invested a lot into this, and the results do look impressive.

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Old Buck
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22/05/2020 3:48 pm  

At some point a waffle maker and Keurig coffee squirter will need to be incorporated as additional heat sinks for the processor.

Judging by the increase in video performance, the game file sizes will be enormous.  Good luck spending entire days loading updates as games may not fit on DVDs!

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Happy The Not Very Happy Clown
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22/05/2020 7:03 pm  

I'm still playing Command and Conquer on my Windows XP. 🤣 

The new stuff is too fast for me - my eyes can't keep up.