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Suggestion for The Arcade: Deathsword/Cimmerian  


Eric Lauder
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06/10/2018 9:36 am  


It's probably not so easy to implement, and it wasn't an actual arcade


Deathsword 128k already comes in a Windows version

The game is mythical for almost everyone who had an 8 bit computer



Under "Files" there's DeathSword 128k for Windows, it's a slightly improved version of the original Amstrad CPC game, basically it's the original game but with some minor improvements using full 128 kbytes memory of the most expensive CPC models (the original game was meant to run even on 64 kbytes machines)

The Amstrad CPC is generally regarded as the best 8-bit version of Deathsword

Cimmerian, new version for the Sega Master System, that requires an emulator.

The original games was never ported on the Sega Master System during 80s, now this very late port appear to be the very best 8-bit version
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