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Feminist corruption and professional investigation  


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17/10/2018 9:22 pm  

Feminist have tried to hide a recent professional investigation into their corruption. But here's a link for all men to see.

The link contains evidence from not just individuals, but reputable professional organisations.

Here's a few examples of their disgraceful corruption submitted in evidence. Yet still no one at the police, CPS or feminist MP's instructing them have yet to be prosecuted for this. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of evidence against the feminists of their corruption:

Case Three

Rape Case.  Requests made to Prosecution for SOIT notes.  SOIT notes not disclosed.  Defence further request on the first day of the trial with the refusal to swear the jury until the notes had been served.   SOIT notes are vital to the Defence as they indicate a clear and early record of events and are often the most accurate.

Prosecution Counsel had not seen these notes.   Enquiries were made of the OIC finally some notes were disclosed but clearly written by someone with a different surname.   Probing Prosecution Counsel further, she is told by the OIC that the SOIT Officer had got married over the summer.   Defence request a copy of the Wedding Certificate.     Prosecution immediately discontinue the case stating “no realistic prospect for a conviction”.

Defendant is a man of good character, the case had been fully prepared for trial, there had been several hearings including a Section 8 application and this had all taken place over a 12-18 month period.   If the material had been disclosed to the Prosecution at an early stage the matter may not have proceeded at all.

Case Four

Magistrates matter.   CCTV of the Defendant shows him kicking and attacking two women at the bottom of a High Street.     Disclosure of the full CCTV requested.   On viewing the disc, the two women are beating the man up constantly, kicking the man down the street, throwing the man into a window like a rag doll and clear that the man eventually retaliates in self-defence.

Whilst in prison I have spoken with many prisoners who maintain their innocence and are trying to appeal their convictions. Although of course I cannot be certain who is telling the truth and who is not, based on these conversations. I believe it is likely that hundreds of men across England and Wales have been jailed in recent years for sexual offences they did not commit, and that a good proportion of these miscarriages of justice feature failures by police and the CPS to disclose evidence to the defence.

I am a family member of an individual who was falsely accused of sexual assault and also a member of a 1600-strong support group for individuals who claim to have been falsely accused of sexual assault and their associated families. In the year of my association with this group, I have encountered many stories of injustice in addition to my own and many have their foundations in the failures to properly make use of evidence, including failures of disclosure, even when victims of false accusations have stated that exculpatory evidence exists.

I know from other falsely accused people from supports groups that there are hundreds of similar cases. They just do not make headlines but there are hundreds of falsely accused people whose lives are ruined by CPS and Police (people who lost jobs, houses and relatives) and what is more terrifying there are hundreds of innocent people at prisons due to biased and incompetent Police and CPS investigations.

I believe that the level of unprofessionalism at CPS and Police went through the roof. Now you can read almost every week about new failed cases that have been binned as a result of their mistakes and lack of professionalism. I believe that it is due to the culture that was crated within the organisation and pressure to improve statics.

I am writing on behalf of my son, who was convicted of rape and serious sexual assault of his estranged partner and is currently serving an extremely long prison sentence.

1: His case was not investigated properly after his arrest by the police and vital evidence, which would have proved his innocence, was not produced in his defence. Therefore, current policies ,rules and procedures are definitely unsatisfactory!

2: Only approximately one quarter of text messages which had been sent between claimant and defendant  were handpicked to be presented at trial. Had complete conversations of all sent text messages between the two parties plus facebook messenger messages sent to each other been revealed and provided at trial, there would have been a very different story presented to the jury. Most importantly, my son's innocence would have been proved.

  1. In sexual offence cases the police may adopt the ‘believe the victim’ ethos.  In practice this means that there is an inherent bias towards the complainant in terms of unquestioning acceptance both of

i)                    what is alleged

ii)                 collateral evidence provided by the complainant

    1. The CPS offering no evidence on the morning of trial, or a successful submission of no case to answer or a swift acquittal as a direct result of significant defence efforts to force disclosure of material which was claimed not to be disclosable. Some examples of the types of material causing cases to collapse are:
  • Messages between a complainant and third party which go to the issue of consent/reasonable belief in consent in a rape case;
  • CCTV footage which show a complete lack of any sexual assault taking place by the defendant;

Police/CPS working to satisfy media and women’s lobbies, not concentrating on a non-biased investigation.

Looking for evidence that may point away from the defendant being guilty of the offence with which they are accused is not a priority for the Police. At a time of huge demands on their time and with limited resources, this impacts on the way the Police approaches unused material and review it.



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17/10/2018 10:06 pm  

According to the Innocence Project DNA evidence has exonerated 362 convicts since 1989. Sexual assault/rape accounted for 80 of those cases. So 80 men went to jail for sex crimes they never committed. And DNA evidence PROVED they were innocent. 

Here is the data: 

DNA Exonerations in the United States

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Feminists couldn't let their conviction statistics slide though, because the money would dry up.

So they moved the focus away from whether the act of sex took place onto whether the female was actually consenting. Then argued all women must be believed.

First rule of legal practice, it's all about the $$$$$ ££££££


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Women can #MeToo any man with nary a bit of evidence to support their claims.  While a man has to go into excruciating legal contortions to, maybe, be exonerated.

White knighting infests every sector.


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Machiavelli  wrote: First rule of legal practice, it's all about the $$$$$ ££££££

I call it an incredible accusation industry!

I was bound to be misunderstood, and I laugh at the idiots who misunderstand me! Kind mockery toward the well-intentioned and unfettered cruelty toward all would-be prison guards of my creative possibilities. In this way I learn to revel as much in misunderstanding as in understanding and take pleasure in worthy opponents. Making language fluid, flowing like a river, yet precise and pointed as a dirk, contradicts the socialistic purpose of language and makes for a wonderful verbal dance—a linguistic martial art with constant parries that hone the weapon that is the two edged sword of my mouth.

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Be it as it may, but we're the first to shine the light on their corruption that goes soul deep! 

I can only imagine what judge Kavanau thinks about our claims and causes now! We've been singing this tune and getting flack the whole while nobody would listen and called us disgruntled crazies and alt-right extremists.

So far, none of their slander and shame has stopped our silent march massing in the multi millions throughout the entire western feminized gynocentric man hating world.

There's hell to pay and suffering to be done, and this time we're sitting this one out!  

Women can try to be all the man they're brainwashed to be, but in the end we all fall down, but it's more than obvious that we can see women and children always go first! Upside down is a woman's world and we're living it out to the bitter end.  


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Women center around lies, manipulation and greed. Men center around ingenuity, creativity and achievements. When you give protection to the criminals and imprison the innocent, you will end up with a culture of oppression. I have no sympathy for any woman and her imagined pains. As part of their catered lives, they are not accustomed to the truth. As such, when women attempt to converse with me, more than half have ended up crying from my brutal honestly. I sleep better knowing that they avoid me because I hurt their feelings.

"Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honor, which is probably more than she ever did."
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