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FULL Spetsnaz Video Archive and channel portrait - Live and Alive from the YouTube banning graveyard - For watching and downloading  

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19/11/2018 3:27 pm  

FULL Spetsnaz Video Archive and channel portrait - "Live and Alive" from the YouTube banning graveyard


- For watching and downloading.


Since Spetsnaz MGTOW disappeared from YouTube it is time to publish the download details of the complete Spetsnaz video archives I had collected, compiled and uploaded into the "" library. (These videos have now been up there since June 2018.) is the same institution that also runs the "Wayback Machine".

I had the inner voice that told me to save this epic content before YouTube cracks down on MGTOW illegally. Since Spetsnaz never spread any hate or endorsed any violence, these videos are actually untouchable by law. At least they should be, in a democracy... But we live in a cuntocracy.

These videos don't fit into the feminist man-hating agenda that doesn't want an awakening of male pride, self-consciousness and free spirit to happen.

Spetsnaz is GOLD for all men to listen to.

He dissects all social bullshit we are conditioned with since birth to take all kinds of abuse, hardship, misery, blame, bashing and nagging... And we are still supposed to think that these things are always our fault. 


Spetsnaz stands for openly speaking out all of the things we always felt but were forbidden to think.


An intellectual and spiritual awakening that can't be unlearned.

He is one of the foundations of all male "awakening", no matter if you call it MGTOW or any other brand name given to groups in the "manosphere".

The last videos Spetsnaz had on YouTube were 44 in numbers.

The 45th video, "Male Homelessness" was found on a mirror channel.

The rest were found on the's "YouTube Graveyard" and contain some videos that were taken off YouTube a long time ago.

I saved both HD video resolutions to cater for different bandwidths. An HD 720p and HD 1080p version.

You can watch them on the but if they stutter, better download them and watch them locally. The is free of charge but doesn't have mirror servers placed all over the world like FemTube does.


Spetsnaz Video Archive 720p:

Watch and download them individually or: 7.0 GB is the full download in one zip file, click on "xxx Original"


Spetsnaz HD Video Archive 1080p:

Watch them individually in the local player, download them one by one or they take 11.5 GB as a full download.


Since most of Spetsnaz' videos are more like audio podcasts with a slideshow to go with it, listening is more important to viewing.

For playback on older devices or "Audio-Only" steaming or portable machines I have created mp3-knockoffs that play everywhere:


MP3 - 128kbit (CBR) for bandwidth and memory restraints:


MP3 - 320kbit (CBR) for best possible quality and maximum compatibility with existing HiFi and car stereo equipment:

Same download functions as with the video links.


Most of the YouTube videos are recorded on cheap equipment and in a setting full of acoustic flaws.  

These audio files were taken from the 125 kbit m4a soundtrack of the YouTube videos, decoded in 24 Bit and remastered using a very pricey and exotic VST plugin audio mixing and mastering suite. Running as a batch conversion through dBpoweramp in 32 Bit and getting recoded to mp3 in 32 Bit float as well. Using the highest quality - q0 setting.

The goal was to enrich the frequency spectrum, remove muddiness, cancel out room resonances, normalize volume between tracks and linearize the dynamic range. Some files actually came out like an FM broadcast.

Since I made a batch routine, treating all files with the same algorithm, some could still use some individual tweaking. But they all came out better sounding than the original input file.

The only thing I could not get rid of is the clipping distortion. But I made sure no further artifacts happen in playback. Spetsnaz often had the volume up too high and the signal was brickwalled/cut off. These things are hard to fix.


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19/11/2018 6:10 pm  

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19/11/2018 6:10 pm  

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19/11/2018 6:14 pm  

Gargamel you are the man. Seriously. All credit to you. 

I bet Spetznaz himself would agree. 

A plague on YouTube’s house. Two fucking plagues. 

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19/11/2018 7:21 pm  
Posted by: DocDJ

Gargamel you are the man. Seriously. All credit to you. 

I bet Spetznaz himself would agree. 

A plague on YouTube’s house. Two fucking plagues. 

I now wait and decide what to do.

It the creator doesn't put them up again, I might have to start some accounts on other platforms as well.

After these recent events, I updated all other YouTube collections to the current day. That was 2 smoking PC's for the last 2 days.

I cherish my 100 MB line.

And 100GB online space in case Uly needs them.

Time to get a faster VPN, LOL.

Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

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Joined: 2 years ago
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19/11/2018 7:38 pm  

Here is the entire directory, easier to copy that way.

And better for users and search engines to find.


Spetsnaz Video Archive - The 720p HD version


ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.mp4 29-Jun-2018 12:42 416.1M
ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:34 142.3M
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.mp4 29-Jun-2018 13:19 122.6M
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:45 323.9M
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:10 116.6M
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.mp4 29-Jun-2018 14:38 492.2M
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:51 195.6M
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:14 129.4M
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.mp4 29-Jun-2018 16:45 250.1M
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:55 122.9M
If.mp4 29-Jun-2018 16:52 12.3M
If.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:55 12.5M
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:22 244.9M
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:24 61.5M
MaleBodyImage.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:31 188.8M
MaleDehumanisation.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:37 178.3M
MaleGrief-TheMethod.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:46 258.9M
MaleHurt-TheGrey.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:48 55.7M
MalePrisonRape.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:49 39.8M
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:51 55.4M
MaleRape-VideoLink.mp4 29-Jun-2018 16:55 6.5M
MaleRape-VideoLink.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:56 7.0M
MaleSexualAbuse.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:57 168.8M
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.mp4 06-Jun-2018 12:59 46.4M
MaleSexuality.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:04 167.9M
MaleShallowEffect.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:13 239.0M
MaleShame.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:23 267.9M
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:24 35.2M
MaleSovereigntyThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:31 208.6M
ManAndWoman-AResponse.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:32 26.0M
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:35 79.9M
ManOnFire.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:46 302.5M
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:52 153.4M
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.mp4 06-Jun-2018 13:57 148.9M
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:03 159.8M
PsychologyOfAFighter.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:04 37.9M
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:07 62.3M
Spetsnaz.jpg 03-Jul-2018 01:58 125.8K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_Video_Archive_archive.torrent 03-Jul-2018 02:34 57.7K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_Video_Archive_files.xml 03-Jul-2018 02:34 138.8K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_Video_Archive_meta.xml 03-Jul-2018 01:59 1.2K
Spetsnaz_thumb.jpg 03-Jul-2018 01:58 125.8K
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:13 172.3M
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:15 47.9M
TheBrokenMaleTheFemalePerpetrator.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:18 83.6M
TheDisposableMale.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:24 190.3M
TheFemaleEgo.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:27 94.8M
TheFemaleMra.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:37 259.6M
TheFemalePsychopath.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:44 207.2M
TheIsolatedMale.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:49 172.4M
TheMaleEunuch.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:50 24.3M
TheMaleHomeless.mp4 29-Jun-2018 07:57 48.5M
TheMaleMartyr.mp4 06-Jun-2018 14:57 208.0M
TheMaleMetamorphosis.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:05 256.6M
TheMaleOther.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:10 158.9M
TheMalePaedophile.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:16 187.5M
TheMaleSoldier.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:24 217.7M
TheMaleTraditionalist.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:29 157.7M
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:36 177.1M
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:40 135.7M
TrueDetectiveTheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:42 50.7M
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.mp4 06-Jun-2018 15:43 31.6M

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19/11/2018 7:45 pm  

Spetsnaz Video Archive - The 1080p HD version

(Only some of the videos are actually 1080p. But this was the best possible download quality available on YouTube)


ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.mp4 03-Jul-2018 04:44 415.0M
ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.webm 29-Jun-2018 06:25 142.3M
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.mp4 03-Jul-2018 05:26 122.6M
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.webm 29-Jun-2018 06:49 323.9M
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.mp4 06-Jun-2018 01:56 199.5M
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.ogv 08-Jun-2018 09:16 115.4M
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.mp4 03-Jul-2018 07:02 493.2M
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:04 195.6M
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.mp4 06-Jun-2018 02:03 130.1M
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.ogv 08-Jun-2018 08:25 90.2M
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.mp4 03-Jul-2018 09:30 250.1M
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:08 122.9M
If.mp4 03-Jul-2018 09:37 12.4M
If.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:08 12.5M
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.mp4 06-Jun-2018 02:22 485.2M
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.ogv 08-Jun-2018 07:25 113.2M
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.mp4 06-Jun-2018 02:25 81.3M
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.ogv 08-Jun-2018 05:55 128.4M
MaleBodyImage.mp4 06-Jun-2018 02:37 384.2M
MaleBodyImage.ogv 08-Jun-2018 04:19 64.4M
MaleDehumanisation.mp4 06-Jun-2018 02:53 178.8M
MaleDehumanisation.ogv 08-Jun-2018 03:10 80.5M
MaleGrief-TheMethod.mp4 06-Jun-2018 03:17 756.4M
MaleGrief-TheMethod.ogv 08-Jun-2018 01:52 120.6M
MaleHurt-TheGrey.mp4 06-Jun-2018 03:20 92.1M
MaleHurt-TheGrey.ogv 07-Jun-2018 23:40 94.7M
MalePrisonRape.mp4 06-Jun-2018 03:21 52.6M
MalePrisonRape.ogv 07-Jun-2018 21:23 66.6M
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.mp4 06-Jun-2018 03:25 91.4M
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.ogv 07-Jun-2018 20:27 105.3M
MaleRape-VideoLink.mp4 03-Jul-2018 09:39 6.5M
MaleRape-VideoLink.webm 29-Jun-2018 07:09 7.0M
MaleSexualAbuse.mp4 06-Jun-2018 03:55 327.3M
MaleSexualAbuse.ogv 08-Jun-2018 02:36 84.3M
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.mp4 06-Jun-2018 04:00 47.1M
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.ogv 07-Jun-2018 16:12 91.0M
MaleSexuality.mp4 06-Jun-2018 04:06 168.4M
MaleSexuality.ogv 07-Jun-2018 15:23 62.0M
MaleShallowEffect.mp4 06-Jun-2018 04:49 459.7M
MaleShallowEffect.ogv 07-Jun-2018 14:28 106.2M
MaleShame.mp4 06-Jun-2018 04:57 268.8M
MaleShame.ogv 07-Jun-2018 13:00 116.5M
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.mp4 06-Jun-2018 04:59 52.7M
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.ogv 07-Jun-2018 11:40 100.2M
MaleSovereigntyThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.mp4 06-Jun-2018 05:20 578.8M
MaleSovereigntyThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.ogv 07-Jun-2018 09:59 94.1M
ManAndWoman-AResponse.mp4 06-Jun-2018 05:21 26.0M
ManAndWoman-AResponse.ogv 07-Jun-2018 15:38 79.3M
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.mp4 06-Jun-2018 05:23 80.8M
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.ogv 07-Jun-2018 05:14 123.8M
ManOnFire.mp4 06-Jun-2018 11:25 848.0M
ManOnFire.ogv 07-Jun-2018 03:44 117.5M
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.mp4 06-Jun-2018 06:32 308.8M
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.ogv 07-Jun-2018 00:35 57.2M
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.mp4 06-Jun-2018 06:42 287.9M
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.ogv 06-Jun-2018 23:41 66.8M
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.mp4 06-Jun-2018 07:09 303.8M
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.ogv 07-Jun-2018 16:41 61.4M
PsychologyOfAFighter.mp4 06-Jun-2018 07:10 38.4M
PsychologyOfAFighter.ogv 06-Jun-2018 23:10 69.4M
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.mp4 06-Jun-2018 07:12 53.0M
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.ogv 07-Jun-2018 16:59 68.5M
Spetsnaz_3.jpg 03-Jul-2018 02:32 131.5K
Spetsnaz_3_thumb.jpg 03-Jul-2018 02:32 131.5K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_HD_Video_Collection_archive.torrent 03-Jul-2018 09:40 111.0K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_HD_Video_Collection_files.xml 03-Jul-2018 09:40 155.3K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_HD_Video_Collection_meta.xml 03-Jul-2018 02:34 2.2K
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.mp4 06-Jun-2018 07:39 334.7M
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.ogv 08-Jun-2018 03:49 80.4M
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.mp4 06-Jun-2018 07:40 48.6M
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.ogv 08-Jun-2018 06:30 92.5M
TheBrokenMaleTheFemalePerpetrator.mp4 06-Jun-2018 07:43 83.6M
TheBrokenMaleTheFemalePerpetrator.ogv 07-Jun-2018 08:20 163.4M
TheDisposableMale.mp4 06-Jun-2018 07:49 191.0M
TheDisposableMale.ogv 07-Jun-2018 17:29 86.8M
TheFemaleEgo.mp4 06-Jun-2018 07:52 94.8M
TheFemaleEgo.ogv 07-Jun-2018 05:44 82.0M
TheFemaleMra.mp4 06-Jun-2018 08:10 500.2M
TheFemaleMra.ogv 07-Jun-2018 06:30 84.8M
TheFemalePsychopath.mp4 06-Jun-2018 08:21 392.8M
TheFemalePsychopath.ogv 07-Jun-2018 12:15 65.6M
TheIsolatedMale.mp4 06-Jun-2018 08:46 324.5M
TheIsolatedMale.ogv 07-Jun-2018 14:59 59.7M
TheMaleEunuch.mp4 06-Jun-2018 08:47 30.8M
TheMaleEunuch.ogv 07-Jun-2018 00:07 47.5M
TheMaleHomeless.mp4 29-Jun-2018 07:12 48.5M
TheMaleMartyr.mp4 06-Jun-2018 08:58 396.5M
TheMaleMartyr.ogv 07-Jun-2018 07:23 96.7M
TheMaleMetamorphosis.mp4 06-Jun-2018 09:17 519.4M
TheMaleMetamorphosis.ogv 07-Jun-2018 19:02 102.2M
TheMaleOther.mp4 06-Jun-2018 09:22 158.9M
TheMaleOther.ogv 07-Jun-2018 22:04 123.1M
TheMalePaedophile.mp4 06-Jun-2018 09:29 188.2M
TheMalePaedophile.ogv 08-Jun-2018 07:56 97.9M
TheMaleSoldier.mp4 06-Jun-2018 09:42 401.5M
TheMaleSoldier.ogv 07-Jun-2018 04:30 92.8M
TheMaleTraditionalist.mp4 06-Jun-2018 09:50 269.8M
TheMaleTraditionalist.ogv 07-Jun-2018 18:10 77.7M
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.mp4 06-Jun-2018 10:00 327.7M
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.ogv 08-Jun-2018 05:01 98.7M
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.mp4 06-Jun-2018 10:07 230.9M
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.ogv 07-Jun-2018 13:36 80.9M
TrueDetectiveTheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.mp4 06-Jun-2018 10:09 88.9M
TrueDetectiveTheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.ogv 07-Jun-2018 01:55 102.1M
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.mp4 06-Jun-2018 10:12 44.5M
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.ogv 07-Jun-2018 20:54 68.6M

Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

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19/11/2018 7:51 pm  

You are a busy man G. Admirable indeed. 

I have yet to see a bad Spetznaz video. They are all great. 

Thanks again Gargamel. 

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19/11/2018 7:52 pm  

Spetsnaz Audio Only Version - MP3 - 320 kBit:


(Only the mp3 files will play, the rest are waveform visuals for the Archive's internal audio player)


ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:13 1.0M
ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:50 275.7M
ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.png 02-Jul-2018 03:42 10.5K
ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:11 222.2K
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:24 160.2K
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:52 46.9M
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.png 02-Jul-2018 03:58 9.8K
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:02 262.5K
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:23 195.7K
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:54 59.5M
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.png 02-Jul-2018 03:45 9.8K
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:03 265.1K
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:26 772.7K
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:00 189.6M
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.png 02-Jul-2018 03:44 10.9K
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:04 205.9K
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:28 139.2K
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:01 47.5M
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.png 02-Jul-2018 03:40 11.9K
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:04 240.9K
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:22 1.2M
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:09 275.1M
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.png 02-Jul-2018 03:48 9.0K
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:05 223.6K
If.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:28 31.2K
If.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:10 10.7M
If.png 02-Jul-2018 04:00 13.3K
If_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:11 250.6K
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:24 183.4K
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:12 58.8M
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.png 02-Jul-2018 04:00 9.1K
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:09 248.4K
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:24 214.4K
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:14 67.1M
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.png 02-Jul-2018 03:55 11.7K
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:06 261.0K
MaleBodyImage.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:14 117.2K
MaleBodyImage.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:15 33.3M
MaleBodyImage.png 02-Jul-2018 03:57 11.4K
MaleBodyImage_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:06 275.2K
MaleDehumanisation.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:27 147.6K
MaleDehumanisation.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:16 41.6M
MaleDehumanisation.png 02-Jul-2018 03:53 10.0K
MaleDehumanisation_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:08 273.3K
MaleGrief-TheMethod.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:23 198.0K
MaleGrief-TheMethod.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:19 64.0M
MaleGrief-TheMethod.png 02-Jul-2018 03:51 12.3K
MaleGrief-TheMethod_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:07 246.4K
MaleHurt-TheGrey.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:29 157.9K
MaleHurt-TheGrey.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:21 50.4M
MaleHurt-TheGrey.png 02-Jul-2018 03:40 12.1K
MaleHurt-TheGrey_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:07 236.1K
MalePrisonRape.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:27 110.5K
MalePrisonRape.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:22 35.1M
MalePrisonRape.png 02-Jul-2018 03:59 10.8K
MalePrisonRape_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:08 247.4K
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:27 184.4K
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:25 54.4M
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.png 02-Jul-2018 03:56 11.9K
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:08 245.7K
MaleRape-VideoLink.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:28 9.4K
MaleRape-VideoLink.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:25 2.6M
MaleRape-VideoLink.png 02-Jul-2018 03:45 11.0K
MaleRape-VideoLink_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:11 262.9K
MaleSexualAbuse.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:23 146.3K
MaleSexualAbuse.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:27 43.6M
MaleSexualAbuse.png 02-Jul-2018 03:56 10.5K
MaleSexualAbuse_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:11 276.1K
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:20 174.3K
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:29 53.4M
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.png 02-Jul-2018 03:58 11.6K
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:10 246.9K
MaleSexuality.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:25 105.1K
MaleSexuality.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:30 32.3M
MaleSexuality.png 02-Jul-2018 04:02 12.5K
MaleSexuality_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:06 260.3K
MaleShallowEffect.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:24 177.9K
MaleShallowEffect.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:32 54.7M
MaleShallowEffect.png 02-Jul-2018 03:42 9.8K
MaleShallowEffect_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:09 265.0K
MaleShame.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:27 202.5K
MaleShame.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:34 61.8M
MaleShame.png 02-Jul-2018 03:42 9.8K
MaleShame_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:05 242.7K
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:28 168.0K
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:36 53.4M
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.png 02-Jul-2018 03:53 12.3K
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:09 247.1K
MaleSovereignty_ThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:16 157.8K
MaleSovereignty_ThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:38 49.2M
MaleSovereignty_ThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.png 02-Jul-2018 03:54 11.4K
MaleSovereignty_ThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:09 272.1K
ManAndWoman-AResponse.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:14 116.0K
ManAndWoman-AResponse.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:40 37.6M
ManAndWoman-AResponse.png 02-Jul-2018 04:02 12.6K
ManAndWoman-AResponse_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:09 273.3K
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:16 188.3K
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:42 64.1M
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.png 02-Jul-2018 04:01 11.4K
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:09 266.4K
ManOnFire.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:17 196.7K
ManOnFire.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:44 61.7M
ManOnFire.png 02-Jul-2018 04:01 10.8K
ManOnFire_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:02 260.4K
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:17 100.8K
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:46 29.3M
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.png 02-Jul-2018 04:00 11.8K
Mgtow-DangerousWaters_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:11 268.2K
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:17 114.7K
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:47 34.1M
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.png 02-Jul-2018 03:59 11.7K
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:11 281.7K
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:18 104.7K
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:49 31.5M
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.png 02-Jul-2018 03:52 11.0K
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:10 266.1K
PsychologyOfAFighter.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:18 109.8K
PsychologyOfAFighter.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:50 36.4M
PsychologyOfAFighter.png 02-Jul-2018 03:54 12.9K
PsychologyOfAFighter_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:09 264.4K
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:18 123.8K
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:52 35.6M
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.png 02-Jul-2018 03:57 10.9K
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:08 266.9K
Spetsnaz_2.jpg 29-Jun-2018 14:19 107.1K
Spetsnaz_2_Thumb.jpg 29-Jun-2018 14:21 107.1K
Spetsnaz_2_thumb.jpg 29-Jun-2018 19:06 4.7K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_archive.torrent 02-Jul-2018 04:29 85.8K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_files.xml 02-Jul-2018 04:29 84.3K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_meta.sqlite 29-Jun-2018 14:14 11.0K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_meta.xml 02-Jul-2018 04:29 990.0B
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:18 142.9K
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:54 41.8M
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.png 02-Jul-2018 03:57 10.9K
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:08 269.7K
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:18 148.8K
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:56 48.3M
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.png 02-Jul-2018 03:56 11.1K
TheBoyMadeOfGlass_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:08 248.5K
TheBrokenMale_TheFemalePerpetrator.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:19 295.7K
TheBrokenMale_TheFemalePerpetrator.mp3 02-Jul-2018 02:59 83.9M
TheBrokenMale_TheFemalePerpetrator.png 02-Jul-2018 03:55 11.1K
TheBrokenMale_TheFemalePerpetrator_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:07 240.7K
TheDisposableMale.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:19 148.0K
TheDisposableMale.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:01 44.6M
TheDisposableMale.png 02-Jul-2018 03:54 10.9K
TheDisposableMale_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:07 289.5K
TheFemaleEgo.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:16 149.5K
TheFemaleEgo.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:03 42.8M
TheFemaleEgo.png 02-Jul-2018 03:59 10.9K
TheFemaleEgo_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:07 282.5K
TheFemaleMra.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:15 146.2K
TheFemaleMra.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:05 44.9M
TheFemaleMra.png 02-Jul-2018 03:50 10.2K
TheFemaleMra_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:07 276.8K
TheFemalePsychopath.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:28 116.3K
TheFemalePsychopath.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:06 34.0M
TheFemalePsychopath.png 02-Jul-2018 03:43 12.4K
TheFemalePsychopath_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:06 283.3K
TheIsolatedMale.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:28 106.6K
TheIsolatedMale.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:07 30.8M
TheIsolatedMale.png 02-Jul-2018 03:49 11.7K
TheIsolatedMale_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:06 286.1K
TheMaleEunuch.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:29 101.4K
TheMaleEunuch.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:08 34.0M
TheMaleEunuch.png 02-Jul-2018 03:46 12.8K
TheMaleEunuch_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:06 269.9K
TheMaleHomeless.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:29 136.3K
TheMaleHomeless.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:10 39.1M
TheMaleHomeless.png 02-Jul-2018 03:52 10.1K
TheMaleHomeless_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:04 262.5K
TheMaleMartyr.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:27 156.8K
TheMaleMartyr.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:12 49.8M
TheMaleMartyr.png 02-Jul-2018 03:52 10.4K
TheMaleMartyr_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:08 255.3K
TheMaleMetamorphosis.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:20 183.0K
TheMaleMetamorphosis.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:15 54.4M
TheMaleMetamorphosis.png 02-Jul-2018 03:51 12.3K
TheMaleMetamorphosis_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:05 246.0K
TheMaleOther.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:17 195.9K
TheMaleOther.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:18 64.9M
TheMaleOther.png 02-Jul-2018 03:50 11.4K
TheMaleOther_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:04 246.1K
TheMalePaedophile.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:15 162.9K
TheMalePaedophile.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:21 50.1M
TheMalePaedophile.png 02-Jul-2018 03:50 10.3K
TheMalePaedophile_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:04 275.5K
TheMaleSoldier.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:19 171.7K
TheMaleSoldier.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:23 47.8M
TheMaleSoldier.png 02-Jul-2018 03:49 10.1K
TheMaleSoldier_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:06 283.5K
TheMaleTraditionalist.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:14 133.9K
TheMaleTraditionalist.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:25 40.8M
TheMaleTraditionalist.png 02-Jul-2018 03:46 11.0K
TheMaleTraditionalist_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:03 266.8K
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:14 167.9K
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:27 50.3M
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.png 02-Jul-2018 03:45 10.3K
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:03 241.7K
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:14 153.0K
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:29 40.7M
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.png 02-Jul-2018 03:45 11.4K
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:03 267.4K
TrueDetective_TheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:15 155.3K
TrueDetective_TheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:31 48.7M
TrueDetective_TheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.png 02-Jul-2018 03:44 12.2K
TrueDetective_TheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:02 243.0K
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:15 119.1K
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.mp3 02-Jul-2018 03:32 35.1M
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.png 02-Jul-2018 04:01 10.4K
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 04:06 273.6K
_HOUR_00_ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:12 530.0K
_HOUR_00_ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:25 562.6K
_HOUR_00_DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:21 609.1K
_HOUR_01_ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:12 523.0K
_HOUR_01_ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:26 215.6K
_HOUR_01_DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.afpk 02-Jul-2018 04:21 597.9K

Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

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Spetsnaz Audio Only Version - MP3 - 128 kBit:


For low bandwidth listeners and older devices with memory restraints.


(Only the mp3 files will play, the rest are waveform visuals for the Archive's internal audio player)


ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:13 1.0M
ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:31 110.3M
ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.png 02-Jul-2018 01:41 10.4K
ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:10 196.6K
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:24 160.5K
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:33 18.7M
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow.png 02-Jul-2018 01:58 9.8K
Antebellum-TheCrisisWithinMgtow_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:03 251.9K
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:22 198.5K
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:35 23.8M
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay.png 02-Jul-2018 01:44 9.7K
Barbarossa-AManGoingHisOwnWay_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:03 229.1K
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:26 780.3K
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:38 75.8M
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.png 02-Jul-2018 01:43 10.9K
ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:04 193.8K
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:27 139.3K
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:39 19.0M
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience.png 02-Jul-2018 01:39 11.9K
CopingUgly-TheMaleExperience_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:04 237.8K
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:22 1.2M
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:42 110.0M
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.png 02-Jul-2018 01:48 9.0K
DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:05 195.5K
If.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:27 31.1K
If.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:43 4.3M
If.png 02-Jul-2018 02:00 13.4K
If_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:11 228.0K
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:24 184.2K
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:44 23.5M
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger.png 02-Jul-2018 02:00 9.0K
InsideTheMindOfAKiller-ElliotRodger_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:08 244.1K
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:23 215.4K
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:47 26.9M
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal.png 02-Jul-2018 01:55 11.5K
MaleAnimus-TheHostileAnimal_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:06 222.2K
MaleBodyImage.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:13 118.3K
MaleBodyImage.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:48 13.3M
MaleBodyImage.png 02-Jul-2018 01:57 11.5K
MaleBodyImage_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:07 250.9K
MaleDehumanisation.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:26 148.1K
MaleDehumanisation.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:49 16.6M
MaleDehumanisation.png 02-Jul-2018 01:53 10.0K
MaleDehumanisation_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:08 248.3K
MaleGrief-TheMethod.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:23 200.8K
MaleGrief-TheMethod.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:49 25.6M
MaleGrief-TheMethod.png 02-Jul-2018 01:51 12.3K
MaleGrief-TheMethod_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:07 216.3K
MaleHurt-TheGrey.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:29 158.4K
MaleHurt-TheGrey.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:50 20.1M
MaleHurt-TheGrey.png 02-Jul-2018 01:39 12.2K
MaleHurt-TheGrey_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:07 216.9K
MalePrisonRape.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:27 111.2K
MalePrisonRape.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:51 14.0M
MalePrisonRape.png 02-Jul-2018 01:59 10.8K
MalePrisonRape_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:08 212.7K
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:27 185.6K
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:52 21.8M
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace.png 02-Jul-2018 01:57 11.8K
MaleRage-GreetingTheMenace_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:08 215.2K
MaleRape-VideoLink.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:27 9.4K
MaleRape-VideoLink.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:52 1.1M
MaleRape-VideoLink.png 02-Jul-2018 01:44 10.5K
MaleRape-VideoLink_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:11 255.3K
MaleSexualAbuse.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:22 147.3K
MaleSexualAbuse.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:52 17.5M
MaleSexualAbuse.png 02-Jul-2018 01:56 10.2K
MaleSexualAbuse_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:11 238.0K
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:19 176.0K
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:53 21.4M
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade.png 02-Jul-2018 01:58 11.6K
MaleSexualDesire-Saudade_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:10 215.8K
MaleSexuality.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:24 107.0K
MaleSexuality.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:53 12.9M
MaleSexuality.png 02-Jul-2018 02:02 12.7K
MaleSexuality_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:06 250.8K
MaleShallowEffect.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:23 177.4K
MaleShallowEffect.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:54 21.9M
MaleShallowEffect.png 02-Jul-2018 01:41 9.8K
MaleShallowEffect_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:09 240.4K
MaleShame.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:26 204.1K
MaleShame.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:55 24.7M
MaleShame.png 02-Jul-2018 01:42 9.9K
MaleShame_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:05 219.0K
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:28 169.0K
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:57 21.4M
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger.png 02-Jul-2018 01:52 12.4K
MaleSolitude-TheDarkPassenger_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:09 218.0K
MaleSovereignty_ThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:16 158.5K
MaleSovereignty_ThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.mp3 02-Jul-2018 00:59 19.7M
MaleSovereignty_ThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum.png 02-Jul-2018 01:53 11.4K
MaleSovereignty_ThePathToHealing-AuribusTeneoLupum_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:09 231.8K
ManAndWoman-AResponse.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:14 116.3K
ManAndWoman-AResponse.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:00 15.0M
ManAndWoman-AResponse.png 02-Jul-2018 02:02 12.8K
ManAndWoman-AResponse_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:09 233.3K
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:16 189.4K
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:01 25.6M
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor.png 02-Jul-2018 02:02 11.2K
ManAndWoman-NuncScioQuidSitAmor_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:09 227.0K
ManOnFire.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:17 197.9K
ManOnFire.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:02 24.7M
ManOnFire.png 02-Jul-2018 02:01 10.6K
ManOnFire_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:03 223.0K
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:17 100.8K
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:03 11.7M
Mgtow-DangerousWaters.png 02-Jul-2018 02:00 12.5K
Mgtow-DangerousWaters_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:10 247.5K
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:17 114.5K
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:04 13.6M
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate.png 02-Jul-2018 02:00 11.6K
Mgtow-PerceptionsAndHate_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:11 237.7K
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:17 105.6K
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:05 12.6M
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience.png 02-Jul-2018 01:52 11.0K
PatheiMathos-TheMaleExperience_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:09 247.6K
PsychologyOfAFighter.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:17 110.0K
PsychologyOfAFighter.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:06 14.6M
PsychologyOfAFighter.png 02-Jul-2018 01:54 12.7K
PsychologyOfAFighter_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:09 226.9K
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:17 124.3K
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:07 14.2M
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists.png 02-Jul-2018 01:58 10.8K
PsychologyOfWhiteKnightsManginasAndMaleFeminists_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:08 257.7K
Spetsnaz_1.jpg 30-Jun-2018 01:16 113.7K
Spetsnaz_1_Thumb.jpg 30-Jun-2018 01:16 113.7K
Spetsnaz_1_thumb.jpg 30-Jun-2018 01:17 5.4K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_201806_archive.torrent 02-Jul-2018 02:29 64.3K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_201806_files.xml 02-Jul-2018 02:29 84.7K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_201806_meta.sqlite 29-Jun-2018 23:11 11.0K
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_201806_meta.xml 02-Jul-2018 02:29 997.0B
Spetsnaz_MGTOW_MP3_Audio_Archive_320_k_201806_rules.conf 30-Jun-2018 01:07 9.0B
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:18 143.0K
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:07 16.7M
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior.png 02-Jul-2018 01:57 10.8K
Systema-WayOfTheWarrior_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:08 228.3K
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:18 149.4K
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:08 19.3M
TheBoyMadeOfGlass.png 02-Jul-2018 01:56 11.3K
TheBoyMadeOfGlass_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:08 214.4K
TheBrokenMale_TheFemalePerpetrator.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:18 300.4K
TheBrokenMale_TheFemalePerpetrator.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:10 33.6M
TheBrokenMale_TheFemalePerpetrator.png 02-Jul-2018 01:55 11.1K
TheBrokenMale_TheFemalePerpetrator_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:07 208.2K
TheDisposableMale.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:19 148.8K
TheDisposableMale.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:10 17.8M
TheDisposableMale.png 02-Jul-2018 01:54 10.8K
TheDisposableMale_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:07 254.6K
TheFemaleEgo.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:15 149.9K
TheFemaleEgo.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:12 17.1M
TheFemaleEgo.png 02-Jul-2018 01:59 10.8K
TheFemaleEgo_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:07 239.7K
TheFemaleMra.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:15 147.3K
TheFemaleMra.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:13 17.9M
TheFemaleMra.png 02-Jul-2018 01:50 10.1K
TheFemaleMra_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:07 236.1K
TheFemalePsychopath.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:28 116.6K
TheFemalePsychopath.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:14 13.6M
TheFemalePsychopath.png 02-Jul-2018 01:42 12.5K
TheFemalePsychopath_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:06 240.6K
TheIsolatedMale.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:28 107.4K
TheIsolatedMale.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:14 12.3M
TheIsolatedMale.png 02-Jul-2018 01:49 11.6K
TheIsolatedMale_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:06 241.6K
TheMaleEunuch.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:28 101.3K
TheMaleEunuch.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:15 13.6M
TheMaleEunuch.png 02-Jul-2018 01:45 13.0K
TheMaleEunuch_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:06 231.1K
TheMaleHomeless.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:29 137.0K
TheMaleHomeless.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:15 15.6M
TheMaleHomeless.png 02-Jul-2018 01:52 10.2K
TheMaleHomeless_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:04 226.6K
TheMaleMartyr.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:27 157.0K
TheMaleMartyr.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:16 19.9M
TheMaleMartyr.png 02-Jul-2018 01:51 10.3K
TheMaleMartyr_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:08 239.4K
TheMaleMetamorphosis.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:19 184.6K
TheMaleMetamorphosis.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:17 21.8M
TheMaleMetamorphosis.png 02-Jul-2018 01:51 12.2K
TheMaleMetamorphosis_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:06 215.5K
TheMaleOther.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:16 197.1K
TheMaleOther.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:18 26.0M
TheMaleOther.png 02-Jul-2018 01:50 11.5K
TheMaleOther_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:05 216.3K
TheMalePaedophile.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:15 163.3K
TheMalePaedophile.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:19 20.1M
TheMalePaedophile.png 02-Jul-2018 01:49 10.4K
TheMalePaedophile_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:04 232.4K
TheMaleSoldier.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:19 172.0K
TheMaleSoldier.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:20 19.1M
TheMaleSoldier.png 02-Jul-2018 01:48 10.2K
TheMaleSoldier_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:06 250.0K
TheMaleTraditionalist.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:14 134.7K
TheMaleTraditionalist.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:20 16.3M
TheMaleTraditionalist.png 02-Jul-2018 01:45 11.0K
TheMaleTraditionalist_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:03 223.6K
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:14 168.8K
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:21 20.1M
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam.png 02-Jul-2018 01:45 10.5K
TheMaleWorkerDrone-AutViamInveniamAutFaciam_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:03 238.7K
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:14 153.9K
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:23 16.3M
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite.png 02-Jul-2018 01:44 11.6K
ThePsychologyOfWalterWhite_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:03 225.2K
TrueDetective_TheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:14 155.6K
TrueDetective_TheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:25 19.5M
TrueDetective_TheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace.png 02-Jul-2018 01:43 12.1K
TrueDetective_TheConspiracyAgainstTheHumanRace_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:03 239.2K
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:15 119.0K
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.mp3 02-Jul-2018 01:25 14.1M
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit.png 02-Jul-2018 02:01 10.6K
YukioMishima-SamuraiWarriorSpirit_spectrogram.png 02-Jul-2018 02:06 247.4K
_HOUR_00_ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:12 533.8K
_HOUR_00_ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:25 565.7K
_HOUR_00_DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:20 612.3K
_HOUR_01_ADiscussionWithNikoChoski-MaleConceptOfSelf-Mgtow.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:12 525.1K
_HOUR_01_ConversationWithGregoryBecker-AMalePerspective.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:25 215.7K
_HOUR_01_DiscussionOnMaleAggressionWithNikoChoski.afpk 02-Jul-2018 02:21 598.5K

Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

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19/11/2018 8:11 pm  
Posted by: DocDJ

You are a busy man G. Admirable indeed. 

I have yet to see a bad Spetznaz video. They are all great. 

Thanks again Gargamel. 

I am just overjoyed that the Archive directory listing can be copied 1:1 into this forum.

Both are WordPress.

When it comes to MGTOW 101, I will have 700+ videos to link or Big John "MGTOW is Freedom" will come in with 376 links...

Something that would take days to post by hand...

But this will ensure to be found by search engines and their users.

People will search for titles and not only for the creator.

And you don't have to leave the TIM site to watch the videos.

Best if your browser or system player opens automatically.

Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

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19/11/2018 8:16 pm  

Wow this is an amazing thread. 


#Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee. (Revelation 3:3)

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19/11/2018 8:16 pm  

What would we do without you my friend. Thank you. 

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19/11/2018 8:32 pm  
Posted by: DocDJ

What would we do without you my friend. Thank you. 

I also have 700 GB of TFM saved from his first to the latest video as of some days ago.

Same for: Stardusk (750 shows), Big John (SMF & MiF), Men 101, Coterie, Colttaine, Human, Red Pill Wisdom (Blue Skies), CS MGTOW, Replicant Fish (447 shows), Messenger Rising, Howard Dare (huge), Sandman (huge 1800+ videos), Liberation Y, Paul Elam, Mountain MGTOW, Happy Humble Hermit, Sunrise Hoodie, Red Shift, Barbarossa (bar bar), Undead Chronic ...

... many more. All complete.

If they take them down, they will survive.

Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

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19/11/2018 8:49 pm  

Wow this is an amazing thread. 


More of these to come.

I also collect smaller channels that could use a boost.

The cunts kill our wisdom on YouTube - and I will do my job to make whatever they do less effective or even ineffective.

Like watching Colttaine without age restriction on the Archive.


If the search engines - and with them - the people who use them, find these videos here, I have done my job.

Notice the common misspellings of "Spetsnaz" I added to the tags? (I also had to learn this name and still mess up typing it)


Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

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19/11/2018 8:50 pm  
Posted by: Gargamel
Posted by: DocDJ

What would we do without you my friend. Thank you. 

I also have 700 GB of TFM saved from his first to the latest video as of some days ago.

Same for: Stardusk (750 shows), Big John (SMF & MiF), Men 101, Coterie, Colttaine, Human, Red Pill Wisdom (Blue Skies), CS MGTOW, Replicant Fish (447 shows), Messenger Rising, Howard Dare (huge), Sandman (huge 1800+ videos), Liberation Y, Paul Elam, Mountain MGTOW, Happy Humble Hermit, Sunrise Hoodie, Red Shift, Barbarossa (bar bar), Undead Chronic ...

... many more. All complete.

If they take them down, they will survive.

It just shows that Big Brother companies like Google and YouTube can try and stifle free speech by their ‘no platform’ meddling but they they cannot stop these who beleive in free speech. 

It is frankly incredible that in 2018 we see the same sort of tactics employed as were used during the dark days of the rise of the the Third Reich. 


The fact that that increasing numbers of young people beleive that no platofroming is an acceptcale thing to do should scare us all. 

This sort of thing leads to ‘concept creep’ which can lead to ‘restrction creep’. Today you can’t say certain things. Tomorrow it will be a crime to think it. 

Some accetable form of ‘punishment’ will follow. And then what? A return of things like the Gulags? It is not beyond possibility. 

Nothing can be ruled out with the alarming amount of delusion today’s young people display. 

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20/11/2018 10:34 am  


Always and forever banning free speech in favor of the militant feminist narrative. 

The trust is dust, and so are modern women... 

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20/11/2018 1:00 pm  

Just this hour, Messenger Rising disappeared. 

I have him in full length as well.

But he will get another thread ASAP.

YouTube is cracking down on MGTOW. I think that the content producers get pushed to take their videos down or lose their account.

It seems that Spetsnaz voluntarily deleted his account... Just at the same time all others get demonetized... There is some force behind it.

The Messenger Rising account is still there but turned into "Brilliant Minds" and all videos are gone.

Forever Uncunted - If it has a vagina, it has to go!

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20/11/2018 4:06 pm  

your work preserves what we all needed to free our minds.

audio medicine for the male soul.

life changing .

eternally grateful to you brother .


men, we are on our own. the best you can hope for is good company along the way. the good company is here.

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