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Hikkomori; an "Analysis"  

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Matcha Savage
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01/11/2019 1:44 pm  

The Dark Night Of The Soul - by St. John of the Cross (1542-1591)


“For John, the God-seeker is initiated through the loss of material and psychological possessions, a direct challenge to a person’s fundamental sense of safety and security. The ego is attached to power, control, reputation, and material things. During the dark night of the soul, we are compelled to open our hands and let go of all that the ego values. The soul then tumbles into a state of ‘unknowing’ so profound that he is propelled into isolation, for the journey requires solitude.” -



1. One dark night,
fired with love’s urgent longings
— ah, the sheer grace! —
I went out unseen,
my house being now all stilled.


2. In darkness, and secure,
by the secret ladder, disguised,
— ah, the sheer grace! —
in darkness and concealment,
my house being now all stilled.


3. On that glad night,
in secret, for no one saw me,
nor did I look at anything,
with no other light or guide
than the one that burned in my heart.


4. This guided me
more surely than the light of noon
to where he was awaiting me
— him I knew so well —
there in a place where no one appeared.


5. O guiding night!
O night more lovely than the dawn!
O night that has united
the Lover with his beloved,
transforming the beloved in her Lover.


6. Upon my flowering breast
which I kept wholly for him alone,
there he lay sleeping,
and I caressing him
there in a breeze from the fanning cedars.


7. When the breeze blew from the turret,
as I parted his hair,
it wounded my neck
with its gentle hand,
suspending all my senses.


8. I abandoned and forgot myself,
laying my face on my Beloved;
all things ceased; I went out from myself,
leaving my cares
forgotten among the lilies.




Is there any secret with this?

This site has been a scam from the start. I am outta here.

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I don't give a flying fuck what they consider mental illness or not, especially when they falsely use and abuse medical terms to confuse perfectly sound decisions based on experience and suffering for half-baked emotionally-based knee-jerk reactions... The Soviet and Chinese regimes did it too and it lead to the slaughtering of millions of souls but, somehow, THAT's mentally sane 🤪 

If distancing myself from a society that doesn't see any problems with the slaughtering of babies, the class-warfare that sees entire families on the streets, the war on men that leads blokes to live and die under bridges, the abuse of power business-as-usual that fuels corruption on a global scale, the imprisoning of innocent men based on lies and sexual discrimination, the indoctrination of the minds of small children into social movements influenced by satanism and sexual immorality and the general acceptance that the life of a man is worth less than the life a woman, is now seen as some form of mental illness, well, you can call me guilty as charged... Yep, I'm crazier than a two-peckered billy goat but one thing is positive: I ain't gettin any crazier for the simple fact that I decided to uncunt and to stay uncunted. 😊 

Don't let them blame, shame or tame you!

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