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Are you tired of robocallers and spam being sent to your phone?  


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21/09/2018 11:26 pm  

Avoid phone scams and stop unwanted robocallers.  Use the FCC consumer complaint page.

Under the first paragraph and bullet points is a link to report a phone number for illegal calls or texts.  I wanted to post the actual link, but part of it is a new ticket ID number.  Since that always changes, I linked to the page itself so you always get a fresh link to click on.

They work with the phone companies to figure out if the number is being spoofed or not, etc. to stop the crap.  It does work after a day or so for me, but a week later a different number pops up.  If more people report stuff, maybe a dent could be made in the unwanted illegal activities.


Below that you will see a bunch of tips to also help stop the calls.  At the end of the list is a link to the DO-NOT-CALL registry.  I think you have to re-register every year or two with your phone number, but any legitimate business won't be calling you then.  All you are left with is the scammers.

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21/01/2019 9:34 pm  

Most times the scams do not allow call backs. Because they spoof local numbers to trick people into believing its someone local calling.

Microsoft windows refund department calls my mothers number requesting her by name because they scammed her three years ago.

Their motive operandi is to convince people their computers are infected.  direct them to a server and obtain "remote access"

Then your troubles begin.

If Garg or any of you others with computer intellect would like to join me in harassing some scammers directly  just call this number and tell em your in front of your computer. Keep em on the phone as long as possible.  If you have the skill get remote access to their network as  you log into it. wreck it if possible.

These people have cussed me for waisting an hour of their time.  Some know my voice and hang up right away.

1-585-283-0343  Microsoft Windows refund department.

The only way to get a refund is to login to their network according to them. 

I just play along as long as I can...



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21/01/2019 11:25 pm  

I don't mind, it gives me someone to tear a new asshole!  I don't get those kind of calls anymore... 

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22/01/2019 12:03 am  

I have fun with them. They usually call me names as they hang up the phone eventually. They don't tend to call often though, as they realize what I am doing to them.

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22/01/2019 10:46 am  

I just say no thank you and put the telephone down and carry on with my day.


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