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01/02/2019 7:42 pm  

Here is an image hosting site that looks promising. It boasts the ability the ability to keep uploaded images online forever.

I haven't tried it out yet, but it looks legit.

About the Site

What is this?

This is an image retaining/proxy site. Basically, you upload your image and the site keeps your image alive forever by ensuring that the image has redundant locations that it's uploaded to.

There are thousands of image hosts out there. One of the problems with this is that, if you're trying to avoid the evil practices of image hosts like imgur, you have to deal with the possibility that other image hosts are going to eventually go down (for whatever reason). When this happens, all your images are lost.

Not Anymore

This site exists to fix that. You upload your image, and my site ensures that your image is always alive, even if one of the hosts your image is uploaded to goes down, my site will make sure it's reuploaded on another, living site.

Once you upload a file, you will be given a "Direct Link" to the image. Use that link and you will always get redirected to a working host of your image.

IP Logging? Data Mining?

Nope. This isn't Google. Don't log or mine anything. Why? Because I could care less about what you're uploading on the site. Nothing's actually hosted here, so go nuts.

So it just keeps my images alive, right?

Actually, picinfinity does a bit more than that. Sometimes image hosts can be up, but be running a bit slower than usual. For example, a site may expereience slowdowns due to heavy useage or other types of issues. This can make your images load very slowly. Because picinfinty keeps multiple copies of your image across multiple hosts, it is able to test all of the links at the same time. What this means is, when you follow a picinfintiy direct link, you will get back the host that responded the fastest. So, no matter what's going on with any given host, you will always get your image as fast as possible!

About the Author

This is the first website I've ever built. Never much cared for web development. You could probably tell by the asthetically unpleasing state the site is in. At least it has some styling... Thanks to AOU, the site looks much nicer!- picman