Learn to solder wires together like a pro!  


Old Buck
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05/01/2019 3:46 am  

Do NOT chase tail. Turn yours around and live FREE!

The Evil Genius
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05/01/2019 2:29 pm  

Excellent vid man. I've done some soldering the past and NOW I see where I goofed! 

Greg Honda
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06/01/2019 11:14 am  

Good Channel, Thanks for sharing.

I always get in a mess with solder as well.

I've come to the conclusion that my problem is the Iron. God knows how old it is already, and it never seems to get hot enough to heat the wire strands quickly before it melts the PVC insulation slowly. I'm pretty Ok with soldering plumbing joints, but then again I've had to get good at it cos' the plumbing in my house reminded me of the Windows 95 screen-Saver animation.

Wasn't aware that you needed a specific solder for Electricals as opposed to plumbing applications either. That could explain a lot.

Back in the day when I used to need to solder nipples onto machine control cables, we used to use solder that had Lead in it. It always seemed to be a lot easier with Lead solder and the solder "Stuck" quickly rather than form into a ball and run off as it tends to now.

I've got some motorcycle switchgear I've got to do an in-line wiring repair on in the near future so I'll refer back to the video you posted when I do.