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Microsoft OS version ten naming stucture  


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29/05/2019 1:25 am  

Learned some new MS trivia today.  There are no planned new versions of the MS operating system in the near future, rather all upgrades will be reference by the last two digits of the year and the two digit month.  The first OS10 version is referred to as 1507 and the current update is 1903.

I guess using cool names like Apple would be viewed as trademark infringement.  I would like to hear something like "smoking  peripheral ring" or "utter destruction of user code" as update names however.  Guess you can't have everything in life, but creativity and a functional OS would be nice.

No leaks as to what MacOS name will come after Mohave, but it seems certain that it will remain named after California geographical features.

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Posted by: GregBO

Ha, no chain of command on this site, just a hard working Uly who keeps things running.  A functioning COC would have driven us both off 9 months ago.

Thank God for Uly. Been donating on a monthly basis to help out with costs. 


To be honest I am glad they stopped increasing the OS numbers for Windows. When one looks at 95, 98, 2000 they were not major changes. Granted after that changes were about more noticeable but mainly in the GUI aspect at least for me.

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