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The newest 'Friendly' assistant for modern living.  


Uly The Cunning
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25/02/2020 9:11 am  

I find this interesting, as technology continues to expand into our daily living.

This device works with other smart technologies, in maintaining your home, office, or where ever you keep it. The good is that it can be helpful, depending on what tech items you already own. The bad, it is yet another technology that ensures privacy is something of the past.

I have seen many new technologies coming out. The most common inclusion of all of these is a camera putting data onto a cloud that you have semi-control. Among these technologies, I also noticed that they seem to be a set, requiring the ownership of other similar types to make the most of them. This will be interesting to see where it leads, but with the government behavior shown lately, it is also something of concern.

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Narrow road
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25/02/2020 1:23 pm  

Alexa is standard I think with all smartphones. Google 'promises' it's not recording at all times. Yet try removing it from the smartphone. 

Not only that annoying feature of AI. You can't easily remove from your equipment. A commercial used to air. It'll say 'Alexa blah, blah, blah.' Then Alexa would pop up on my damn phone. Interrupting whatever it is I was doing on the phone. 

The megatech companies sure know how to abuse their equipment you buy. It's almost as if the Corp wants you to know. This isn't your property. It's the companies property. The company is merely allowing you to use it for a fee.

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25/02/2020 4:55 pm  

Samsung will probably start shipping it free with your foldable phones because you are the product.

Newly Divorced
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27/02/2020 1:00 pm  

I think it is cool. I could never afford all of these expensive tech stuff but I think they are neat. I am in lots of debt but hope in two years that will be better. I thought maybe this year but two more years. Divorce is expensive. When I can I might buy one of these to have fun with. Maybe they will have a better kind by then that will do math games. Be nice to have an alarm that is not the horrible beeping that I have now. The kind that gives you nightmares that you are late to school as a kid. Did you see the robot in the third video that was cooking. There were two companies that were making them. Seems like our future is very cool if you can afford it.