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Freezer Prep Meals  


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27/11/2019 3:41 am  

I'm doing some Red Thursday Shopping and I'm going to be stocking up on cooking supplies, food and ingredients for meal prepping. Doing a massive amount of cooking at once and freezing it in freezer safe containers for future use.

Now that I've decided to go my own way more literally (no more pof or women at all) I'm focusing more on mastering my money, and saving money on food and drinks, and avoiding eating out.

I think the faster we as men become masters of our money the faster we will free ourselves from the financial burdens of this system that oppresses us as men.

Does anyone have any ideas on meal prep? A Male coworker recommended it to me and I'm hitting the ground running with this one! Ive been doing some googie searches and YouTube and theres lots of good ideas.

Old Buck
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27/11/2019 9:22 pm  

Crock pots make meals easy. 

I will freeze soups, but I use ziplock bags placed into plastic containers.  After freezing, the ice cube of soup is removed, and the bags stack easy.  It is better to not freeze noodles or rice.  Save the stock and veggies, but make fresh noodles or rice when reheating.

When I use my smoker I freeze all of the meat that will not be used immediately.  I will dice or slice the meat, portion with smaller ziplock type bags (better to vacuum seal) then wrap in freezer paper for use in soups or other recipies.  I freeze the shreded turkey meat after thanksgiving and reheat months later with a couple packets of gravy in the crock pot.  Slid into a nice Sheboygan hard roll it makes a great turkey sandwich.

I also freeze veggies.  I will dice onions and green peppers and freeze in once used yogurt containers.  When I make an omelete I can chisel some out into a pan, saute, and make quick meals.

If you want peeled tomatoes, freeze first.  When thawed the skins come right off.  I like to roast the skins first over an open flame and then freeze.

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The Evil Genius
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27/11/2019 10:53 pm  

Rice and beans are very cheap, plentiful and nutritious; they also keep well. 

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