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Have you ever had a Runza?


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I tried one of these at the Runza restaurant.   It was interesting and pretty good.   Too salty in my opinion and I would like more cabbage in it.

The Runza restaurant also sells fries, onion rings,  and frings.


Frings is the super genus idea to sell a serving of roughly 50:50  fries and onion rings.  So you get a little of both.

Anyhow,  tried a new food for 10 bucks.  


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I believe the Runza is what happens after you eat greasy food?


We have a food in Wisconsin that is very similar, the Pasty.  Pasties were popular with miners, and were made in many other States.  The crust, where pinched, allowed the miner to hold his food and toss it after eating as they didn't wash their hands and didn't want to eat whatever it was they were digging out of the ground.


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Also, there is a small meat market up north selling Belgian trippe, a cabbage brat with pork and spices.  It is absolutely wonderful.  You don't get the runza, but your butt does sing quite a bit more and it's breath is horrible!

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