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How to live on the road and eat like a king  


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19/05/2019 8:58 am  

First have your way to cook. I use a Weber 10020 smokey joe. It is small and makes what I need cooked. Have loads of aluminum foil. Stock up on canned when you stop by somewhere that has them good on price. I buy fried beens, peas, corn, green beans, pinto beans and some others. You can cook the can right on the grill. Some got that nice pull off top too but have you a can opener just in case.

Always have salt and pepper. Spice it up if you life, but that is all I need and tobasco. You need your sauces and they are easy to have packed and not go bad quick.

Don't go buying tons of meat and fresh produce. That will go bad on you fast on the road and you will be wasting dollars. Get them when you will eat them in the next couple days.

Learn to fish. I save wallets of money by fishing and cleaning. Gotta have a good knife but worth it. Should have a good knife anyways.

I been living out of my camper for near a decade and never buying a home again. The life on the road is easier and cheaper than anything you know.


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19/05/2019 12:23 pm  

Thanks for sharing, I've always been interested in doing this. Adventure, freedom and simple living.
Posted a similar thread recently about wanting to live on a boat as well. Will keep this in mind.
I'd be interested to hear more about your lifestyle though. Tips, stories, blog, anything really.

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19/05/2019 7:50 pm  

WOW that is great. Its a little opposite of my mentality which can be described as "bunker" so I suppose its the opposite of traveling about. But what the heck. If you ever need a place to park the camper in my neck of the woods I got 12 acres of woods---com'on down. 

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19/05/2019 10:45 pm  

I am using a turkey fryer!  It is a single burner on a stand fueled by propane.  I can cook anything with it!  If I feel like it, I can fire up the generator and use my toaster oven.  Camping at its finest!

I will toss my cast iron cookware on top, or just grab a wienie roaster and cook as one would over an open fire.

Bayou Classic SQ59 Outdoor Patio Stove Fish Cooker Propane ...

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20/05/2019 5:39 am  

This is an excellent idea. It is good to have this knowledge for a bug-out situation, should an earthquake, tornado, hurricane or whatever occur, and you need to get out of your locations fast. It is often an under-appreciated skill to be able to survive on the go, but definitely an appreciated one by those that understand. 

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