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My new hobby.


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I'm putting here because it would be lumped in with survival stuff.

So I remember when I was 8 and I watched a gender role reversal tv show called Remington Steele.  It starred a young pierce Bronson as member of a female led private detective agency.

Anyhow he would often pick locks with these seemingly magic tools.  Wow.  How did he do that?  Was it magic?  Can you really pick locks?  Stupid tv make believe.  Damn.  He gets the girl and can pick locks!!!!  Hell, the A Team can't even do that.

Turns out, you can pick locks. Its not magic or CIA spy stuff.  Simple mechanics.  Levers and torque.

Anyhow,  fast forward X years and hobby lock picking is one of the fastest growing nerd / hacker sports out there.  They have convensions,  competitive games with cash prizes, etc.

So I watched some videos,  bought some lock picks off the internet and some old locks and bang. Jan professional burglar.  Look out Bilbo.

I enjoy it and it suits me for now.


One word or caution.  In many places simple possession of these tools is a crime whether you are actually using them or not.

I will close by placing a link to my second favorite Lawyer.


If there are any dwaves looking for a 13th,  DM me.





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 Hi Jan. I learned at around age 11 or 12 how to pop/turn "Kwikset" knobs and deadbolts. Not easy. You almost need 3 hands to do it, and you need plenty of time. I'm no locksmith or professional thief, but a kid fucked me over & stole one of my Sega Genesis video games. He threw it in a giant hole in the street that was later paved over (I'm sure it's still under there to this day). I got him back by patiently breaking in while he was on vacation with his family. Let's just say that kid didn't mess with me any more. I have no clue where he's been for the past 17 years.      P.S.- Don't try opening "Schlage" locks without proper training. Your brain will turn inside-out from frustration.