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The Perpetual Traveler Advice on extreme budget travel from a non-stop traveler. Six years on the road! - A Homeless by Choice Blog by Glenn Campbell  


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27/10/2018 3:34 am  

"Glenn Campbell is this dude who lives entirely on the road, with no fixed residence. It started when he was laid off from his job as an airline baggage handler. The good news: He still got to fly for free for three more years without the inconvenience of working for it. The bad news: He had little money and couldn't afford to both travel and maintain a permanent home. The solution: He became deliberately homeless, finding ways to live comfortably and travel continuously while paying little or no rent. (He still has employment, but it doesn't require a fixed location.) This blog recounts some of the things he has learned along the way. It's all about freedom, creativity and finding clever ways to do what you want within the limited resources you have."


This has been one of my favorite threads of all time. Inside, you'll find genius and inventive information for one travelling on a very limited budget to being temporarily homeless. Basic survival information, urban camping, etc. Glenn is a very talented writer and Man. I found each of the posts in this blog enjoyable to read. I hope that you do as well and possibly learn something that you did not along the way.


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men, we are on our own. the best you can hope for is good company along the way. the good company is here.

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Hitman  Thanks for posting that beginning  I cannot help but post the ending.     That movie will be 50 years old next year,  I was 6 years old when it came out in 1969.

Every happy beginning seems to involve a sad ending,  Jumping out of ones identity in 1969 seemed easy compared to today. 

What can we do but help each other when no one else cares. The beginning and the end was so profound. 

I remember my father soiling himself coming home from a chemotherapy   treatment and I joked and made him laugh about it instead of shaming him.

Now he will travel on through his extended life.. while I enjoy the ride. 


I was bound to be misunderstood, and I laugh at the idiots who misunderstand me! Kind mockery toward the well-intentioned and unfettered cruelty toward all would-be prison guards of my creative possibilities. In this way I learn to revel as much in misunderstanding as in understanding and take pleasure in worthy opponents. Making language fluid, flowing like a river, yet precise and pointed as a dirk, contradicts the socialistic purpose of language and makes for a wonderful verbal dance—a linguistic martial art with constant parries that hone the weapon that is the two edged sword of my mouth.

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He's a professional bum. What's to want in knowing how to meagerly survive in the cold? 

We built a house in the middle of nowhere without running water to start. I had a makeshift outdoor hot shower drawing water from a wet area a few hundred feet away and done within a week! Before that we were sponge bathing off a propane stove, there was an existing cabin on the property without insulation and very rustic, we slept in tents on plywood platforms until the cabin was remolded in a couple weeks with insulation and propane heat! It was heaven moving out of the tents sleeping on a cot. But not my brother, the tent he selected was too small for a cot and propane buddy heater, the poor bastard suffered and woke up wet every morning from the heavy mountain dew, that's if he slept at all! Rainy nights were the worst! We went through a few cans of water repellent! I learned not to touch the tent anywhere or else it would start leaking and dripping where you touch it!    

First thing I did 10 years later, after we got electricity from a mile away, was a glorious wonderful hot tub! I nice big fuck-you to Mother Nature! We had a color TV outside in a protected cover. We would sit in sub-zero weather, snowing, and watching a movie! The snow would accumulate on our heads, then we would shake it off, but the ice would make all your hair encrusted and crunchy, Mother Nature trying to bite us!   

Fuck sleeping bags in tents, waste deep in snow!

On a mountain in the middle of nowhere, we slayed Mother Nature and fucked her hard, right in the pussy!!!