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Bezos divorce.  


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10/01/2019 9:42 am

my vote for most stupidest man in the entire history of any organism ever for all time on any planet, in any dimension or imagination ever!


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10/01/2019 12:59 pm  

Wealth is squandered on people like that, in a natural world, with natural equilibrium, they would both be bear shit in the woods! 

Total liberal lawless indoctrinated minds do total liberal lawless indoctrinated things! Everything's so far out of natural order I became the bear in the woods!

What kind of landmine does a man walk through for 25 years then act like the divorce rape was all good and proper? (as he's carted off with no arms and legs)

I vote we give him the Millionaire Medallion for CUCK OF THE CENTURY! 2019-2119  

25 years of liberation he could have had and now he moves on with half his wealth extracted. (prisoner released)  

She must be a real bitch from hell to twist his mind like this! 

He's a domesticated pet! Doesn't have any spirit, she rubbed any vestige of his masculinity into the ground long ago!

Now she's "available" on hypergamy's ladder, double or triple, but never less or nothing, until MGTOW came along! (gasoline in a firestorm)  

The wall takes them all! 

This is classic liberal leftist Americana! I'm surrounded by these kind of dead beat thinkers that are continuously jolted into submission.

He takes the gold medal at all Cuck Olympic events!

Old Buck
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13/01/2019 4:21 am  

It's all about the cash and prizes.  Time to upgrade and trade in the ex...

The only ones who win in any divorce is the lawyers.

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The Evil Genius
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13/01/2019 10:02 pm  

Damn she is a 5 at best. Well what do you suppose she is going to do with billions of HIS $$$

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13/01/2019 10:04 pm  

This is were that famous quote comes in, that a women can make you a millionaire, if your a billionaire  🤮 

Captain Obvious moment.

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