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My first encounter with the “one phone call” false accusation syndrome - Version_1981_Schooldays...  


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29/10/2018 10:00 pm  

My first encounter with the “one phone call” false accusation syndrome

Version 1981 - Schooldays, 7th grade...

We all know what happens in these days when a cunt decides to screw a man over and calls the cops on him to have him arrested, removed from his house, disowned and socially destroyed - all based on a false accusation.

But that is nothing new.

It was like that, even 37 years ago in our school.

Girls were considered “holy” and “innocent”. And so much better, smarter and way more sensible than boys.

And of course, girls “never lie”…

So was the narrative.

Well back in 1981, in our German school, there was no phone call needed but the simple “telling on him” to the teacher was sufficient to turn a boy’s life into hell.

A school citation, consulting of the parents and a remark in the personal files was sure to happen if a cunt made a false accusation of harassment or indecent conduct.

Well – and so I ran into my first borderline cunt encounter in 1981: One of the “nicest” girls who I would sometimes talk, joke and converse with would suddenly “switch” on me…

We (14 year-olds) were bugging and messing with each other, like a form of childish wrestling without any “grabbing”, hurting or violence – not in any sexual respect… Just playing. Back then, kids would stay virgin for much longer than today.

And she suddenly "turned around" and went – so others would hear it across the school yard: “Stop it or I tell them you wanted to rape me…”

(Instead of simply telling me to let off)

Poooofff, I froze and dropped contact with her immediately. For me, it was over and done the same second.

And it had an effect on me. I knew that the evilness of my sister is replicated in cunts I thought would NEVER be like that.

I would have been the “prize boyfriend” for her. Money, humor, fun, dick and brains… (By logical conclusions, she wasn't the beauty queen of the school)

I bet my ass she is now miserable, divorced, looks like a hag and has at least 12 cats by now – at age 50.

But that was one of my first youth-time red pills.

Playing with a “nice” girl – and I was ALWAYS nice, friendly and supportive (help with homework and “mansplaining” complicated school subjects) to her…

… And as a “reward” it made me having to look (undeserved) MAXIMUM trouble right in the eye.

This and one other incident was very effective in turning the 1.90-meter blonde “alpha” of the class into a celibate MGTOW who loves record and Hi-Fi stores more than going out with “dangerous” and lying women.

The thought of being accused of rape or sexual assault made my blood freeze. Of course we were minors and the consequences would have been small, but the fallout from the entry in my personal records would have been unforeseeable.

I adapted and stayed away from classmate and school cunts by principle. (The advice we now give to college students 37 years on)

2 years later, the school shrink was sent “to fix me” but failed.

The classmate cunts were pissed that I saw them as unavoidable evil and "inventory" and spent big bucks on myself instead. And they had complained to the cunt teachers about my “unavailability”…

No wonder my generation of Germans is already mentally “infertile”.

We grew up with the guillotine of the “phone call” above our heads.

Only PUA’s and assholes (with nothing to lose) still approached women.

Most of my tech class (years later) were still virgin at age 20.

Approaching girls really was like "approaching a snake".

Later, with a big enough wallet they flocked around me but were checked if they were "smart enough for me".

You can guess the rest.

I never needed some creature on the intelligence level of a chimpanzee spending my money and evaluating my personality.

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29/10/2018 10:15 pm  

Well the cunts in school became "inventory" to me.

The same personality in different bodies... Kind of like: Cats.

If you have pissed off one, they all hated you...

So, it was futile to "save my reputation" and messing with them became my fun sport. (Like the Kitty site troll cunts)

In my later school years, it got me off seeing the cunts shaking their heads when they heard my name or saw me teaching other boys about building FM antennas and all kinds of things that "girlfriends" would never approve of…

Openly "criticizing" women was dangerous... And so I would say things like “Look, someone will have to readjust her bias current” – And I would find joy when they didn’t understand what I was saying and the wondered why we boys laughed.

Cunts are so stupid, it's just tremendous fun to piss them of like playing with feral cats.

I loved it when they hated me. Still to this day. After all, they are only hamsters and getting a death threat here on this forum is like getting an A+ in a main subject school exam.

Target reached: 100 per cent cunt piss off factor.

But I was not always like that.

I became like that due to such events as I stated them in the OP.

To this day, I am honestly and openly 2-faced with women. I am the most polite and respectful person towards them on the surface, so life is easiest for all parties but deep down I have cut them out totally.

That is as long as women behave like humans towards me.

But once they show open aggression and mental bullshit, I make sure they know how much joy messing with them brings to me.

And I love pouring gasoline into the fire. And then throw the container in there too…

Not just with words, but same with campfires… And watch them yell at me…

Bringing women to the total meltdown state and me still smiling at them, that's my world.

Let them smoke like an overloaded carbon resistor.

(The female CLI trolls were the last incident of that kind_v_2018, the Year Of The Cat)

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29/10/2018 10:28 pm  

Girls have absolutely NO SENSE OF HUMOR whatsoever.

They only laugh when somebody did something wrong or encountered loss and damage.

Their only talk consists of envy, jealousy, derision and the negative spells they wish on others.

And cunts hate us boys and men for having the ability to laugh, have joy and get off on stupid funny shit.

Hell, did I always trigger the miserable cunts when burning and blowing up shit in the schoolyard and making other boys laugh their asses off like there was no tomorrow.

Man, did these cheap ALDI 1980’s cigarette lighters did go off like hell when you tossed them into a paper fire…

The schoolyard "Hiroshima" fireball. Some really went off like a beautiful fireball.

Like THIS:

That's just a memory flashback to those days. I have more, but they would be too Off-Topic here.

I'll start more threads on this. How boys and bring school cunts to go nuclear.

And Kitty site trolls. Since cunts are all the same since the stone age.

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29/10/2018 11:05 pm  

My OP story wasn't actually the first "phone call" incident I had during my childhood and youth. But since it was in a different constellation, I didn't count it as such.

I was 9 years old and "had to be removed" or else the cunt teachers threatened the headmaster with quitting their jobs... (Like the CLI troll cunts going nuclear over me, LOL)

2 years before, in 1st grade, the vile teacher cunts had declared war on the "smart kid" to "straighten me out" and they lost that war.

So they called the "state youth agency" (CPS) to have me "removed".


That was the phone call that got me ripped from my home at age 9 and it was initiated by the cunts of the school and the “youth agency” (CPS) cunts.

“For my best interest” – I got 2 years of no privacy, (fist) beatings and deep insults for the tiniest of reasons, a chemically toxic building with a cold and unpleasant climate inside of it. And it was cold on top of it, they were saving energy and I was sick with fever every 2 months. Until I was out of there in ’78.

They told us that this will “harden us” and keep up from becoming “soft-asses” …

I kept my mouth shut, so I could get out after only 2 years.


But I made countless inner resolutions, never deviating from them during the last 40 years.


Two: No money to any cunt!

Since they are all miserable, unjust and ungrateful. And hit you when they "feel" like it.

“MGTOW” is what we call our “man-exodus” now, growing worldwide like Japanese knotweed in the garden …

LOL. AKA The end of female entitlement.

Bitchy feminist mothers around the world must now recall all of their outdated princess model daughters, since they have all become unsellable and unsafe to marry.




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