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Share Your Divorce Stories Here  


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22/09/2018 8:21 pm  

Guys, please share your divorce stories here.  You don't have to go into any of the details that will give your identities away.  You can be as general or specific as you want to be.  This topic can be something that lurkers and/ or new members can see going into the future and know that they're not alone.  It can also serve as a wake-up call to anyone who is one the fence about marriage or who are wondering if "they are the only ones going through this." Remember gents, we are here to help other men as much as we're here to help ourselves.  This is a way that we can achieve that goal.

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23/09/2018 1:21 am  


Does it count if I had a preemptive retroactive divorce by never getting married? 

I'm good with any paradox or riddle, after all, I live in one! Fuck, I AM ONE!  😜  

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23/09/2018 4:45 am  

My ex unicorn cunt left me before I could marry her.

Funny she got up and left when I was looking for a ring. What disaster did I avoid by her being a unfaithful cheating cunt, never had that kid I thought I was gonna have with her(won’t be having any either thanks to her). Since she’s a cheating cunt, if I would have married her, I would have been divorce raped paying child support, and probably had the kid used against me in one form or the other, and probably a lifetime prison sentence,(or a lot of years),cause I probably would have murdered Chad in a crime of passion type scenario.



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24/09/2018 12:21 am  

My ex was violent, loud and forceful. She would go from being a monster to crying like a baby at the flick of a switch, depending on who was present or how best to manipulate someone. I will never forget the day that I told her she could stop with the waterworks, because no one believes her anymore. In less than a second, she went bat-shit crazy and started screaming at me, no more tears. No matter how bad she might have been, she is pretty much the same as the usual female. 

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