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GMV/AMV videos  


Umbra Ascensor
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12/08/2019 3:47 am  

Sorry all for not having videos these past two weeks. I have been in a slump on what show/game to pick as well as a song. I also am having issues with one of my emails that i use for Itunes so I can't even access my songs on it. Games I have are Halo, Dark souls 2 & 3, call of duty games, assassians creed, red baron, red baron 3d, star wars games, Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts 3. Some shows I could do are animes such as RWBY, Fairy tail, Sword Art Online, Irregular at magic high, Wiseman's grandchild, Log Horizon, Accel World, Danmachi. I can also do combination of shows. I may be able to do other TV shows but accessing them will be harder. I'm getting ready to start a project but it may take quite some time. Ideas, thoughts, are awesome. As for music, I am limited to what I already have/can "access for free." I can buy songs, however, due to finances and not earning money off the videos, that is a setup, I am not trying to venture in, but if it is a song, I personally know and enjoy, I can see about doing something with it.

For songs, shows, games, I will review them to see if they are something I find acceptable to put on my channel.