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The Independent Kraut Column no.1 - It´s all in the family  


Matcha Savage
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12/06/2019 5:32 pm  



Guess, who just recently stopped by to visit yours truly? Non other than my mum, the old siege weapon! Ain´t gonna lie, but I was a little surprised by that to occur. Not only had she not announced her visitation, beforehand, but let me better explain my surprise by sharing with you the fact that until then she had not visited me so much as once in what would be two decades, now. Basically ever since I moved out. The cunt.

So, I asked her upfront, what would be the matter with her, now, stopping by after all those years, during which she had consistently neglected doing so. Specifically, I asked, why she would not have done so, earlier. Bold faced she replied, that she would have been too shy to do so, which - as you might already have guessed - was quite a bold faced lie. Unsurprisingly, the first thing she would do upon entering my place for the first time, was to lie to me brazenly. Now, I had not thought any better of her, so I could not care less about her obvious lack of respect, but was only the more motivated to make her say her petty lines and leave, again, soon.

But first things first. I made her sit down and poured her in some of my excellent Matcha icetea. "Not so much! Not so much!", she - piqued - would almost instantly shout out, when the liquid just had begun to touch the inner of her glass! I did not laugh at her, see, I had almost forgotten how crazy a person she was, but now I was reminded, near instantenously, as well. Ergo the second thing she would do upon entering my place, was to passive aggressively complain about me - supposedly - mistreating her by pouring into her glass more delicious icetea then she - supposedly - could ever want or be able to drink. I did and do remember her doing this all the time and - remembering this - I could as well foresee easily the very near future of what would be the third thing for her to do upon entering my place. Not too hard to tell, once you internalized the modus operandi behind such behaviors.

To make her commence with what inevitably had to follow - and therefore shorten things -, I asked her again, albeit in slightly different words, why she would really have come to visit me. It was obvious, that she was feeling bad about something. She was not at all at ease, otherwise she wouldn´t be there "to look after me", which was a neat way to say : "to look after herself" or "to look for herself to feel better about something".

She didn´t so much answer my question as she was questioning me after my knowledge of a person, the daughter of a close friend of the family. I had not a lot to say about this woman in question, who was a few years older than me and I had only met a few times some 30 years ago.

"Well, she´s dead, now.", my mother opened up in her dry as fuck usage of language. For some reason in this moment I did vividly remember coming home one day, back when I was a teenager. It was on a weekend in the summer, I had been canoeing for two days and I wondered to myself, why no one was there. In the kitchen, though, I found a note from my mother, which read: "Grandma is dead. Dinner [is] in the fridge."

Turns out, mind you, the daughter of the -  arch feminist and arch socialist - friend of the family has been brutally murdered by an immigrant, apparently her own boyfriend, who just had happened to cut her throat open with an ordinary kitchen knife - to end a dispute of theirs. Ah, and they had been doing drugs.


Now, you might be thinking that I am doxxing myself very hard with sharing this publicly on the internet. Nothing could be further from the truth, but, please, keep that in mind for a moment. More than that, you might be wondering about the reasoning behind me sharing this with you...

Well, it is to bring across to you more than some important points about toxic family members - and why you should keep them at a safe distance.

The reality is, that this woman being murdered by an immigrant does not get reported in this country, because it does not fit the totalitarian narrative. Remember the Pakistani child abuser operation in Britain or do you remember the New Year´s Eve rapes in Cologne by "refugees"?

These are only exceptional as in the fact that these incidents have leaked into the public awareness, despite the crackdown and ubiquitous censorship on any and all information like that. Information, which would rock the boat or disturb the peace and quiet of the entranced collectivist masses. Listen, it is not really about immigration policy or the ongoing ethnical replacement - and even utmost tyranny is not even a bad thing per se!

But the fun does stop at gaslighting - be it an individual or the whole populace of a nation or a continent such as Europe, let alone the whole friggin´ planet. Me, I am from Germany, so this is the Independent Kraut Column for you and for this reason, and little by little I am even gonna pour into your glasses the truth about this - supposedly - free speech republic in the process of writing these columns. To - no offense, my friends - make you aware of your own countries´ state of affairs and to make you better understand as to how and why things are so rapidly deteriorating here, as well as in France, Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands and so forth. And there is helluvalot to tell and sing down from the rooftops.

The information embargo renders nearly all traditional sources and pieces out there irrelevant. More so, what is or gets reported follows a strategy of psychologial warfare against the public and each and every consumer of these reports. The media and entertainment corporations are loyal subdivisions of the enemy of free speech and critical thinking - thus naturally the enemy of the independent man - and they are entrusted with broadcasting and imprinting propaganda in the whole of the public via mind control techniques instead of informing their clients and protecting the freedom of speech and rule of law - like they once were supposed to and praised for.


What does all of this "conspiracy talk" have to do with my mother and the third thing she would do upon entering my place? In short: everything.

See. Gaslighting is an integral and necessary part of creating a behavior-binding illusion (a state of hypnosis or trance) inside the mind of someone else. These illusions or illusionary and bound states have to be created to disguise (and even uphold) one´s own faults and crimes over prolonged periods of time. Someone depending on such tactics or strategies has to make the people around feel guilty for things they haven´t done, to make them feel guilty for crimes they haven´t at all committed - to deflect from and cover the ones perpetrated by the gaslighting person, him- or herself. These people have blood on their hands and simultaneously point their bloody fingers at everyone and everything else all the time. Outcrying nonstop how evil everyone else is.

So, my mother, the wretched trebuchet, had only stopped by at my place for the first time after two decades to 1. lie to me 2. complain about me mistreating her 3. to gaslight me after that initial preparation with a story of a totally failed biography of her feminist and socialist friends´ daughter - aimed at making me feel and behave in a certain, non helpful way. Again, this woman/victim of murder by her own boyfriend (who being an immigrant is only important to this story insomuch as therefore his crime does fall under and its reporting gets surpressed by the German information embargo) has been to university and made a degree there in something useful, but has never been employed in her field of expertise or been a part of the work force. She has married a guy from her university, but she would divorce him after only two years. From the divorce onwards she would de facto be a homeless person living at the places of people (men, mostly) who would pay for her and tolerate her being around - in exchange of banging her and having someone to do lots of drugs with.

My mum wanted me to feel bad about something in this sad story and disastrous biography, yet she totally failed in her attempt to guilt-shame/gaslight me into doing so. I just told her how horrible a story that is. Which is absolutely true; no matter the fact that this was a foreseeable outcome. The murdered woman has been indoctrinated her whole life by her closest family members and society as a whole that whatever she wanted should just be given to her by pure virtue of her demanding it.




So much for this pilot installment of The Independent Kraut Column. Thank you for bearing with me. If you are interested in the topic let us know in the comments down below. I am looking forward to read and discuss what you might have to say. Otherwise or additionally you may want to give this video of the Replicant Fish/Men Square a go:

Reading the comments to that video compelled me to choose this topic.



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Thanks for this great post Matcha!

As I started reading your story, I knew that exactly this Replicant Fish video would suit it...

Here is more: "Family Members that hold you back"


Your post is accurately reported from Krautland central, home of Gargoyle & the Cats. Merkel-TV is no longer watchable and reminds me of the African and Middle-East TV stations of the 1990's.

Back then, when I had my first satellite dishes to play around with, I often saw these channels from war-torn countries that had belly dancers and soap opera shows on all day but no political reporting whatsoever.

German TV is close behind in the lack of credibility.



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15/06/2019 1:53 am  

That is a great post and from the experience with my own family I can relate--BIG TIME! I could write volumes about these soul sucking psychos but suffice to say they are a bunch of inbred screw-heads. Good riddance. (Except for my sister).