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Colt manufacturing will no longer make AR-15s for the civilian market.  


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Topic starter reported that Colt senior VP Paul Spitale made a statement, saying the company is shifting away from ARs and toward the class 1911, Colt revolvers, and other guns Americans want for concealed carry.

I bet Colt management sees what I do:  a class action opiod-type lawsuit in the near future. They are limiting future liabilities.  I am suprised we don't see auto makers getting sued for drunk driving accidents, it's using the same logic.


I am not going to boycott them.  It is their choice.  I think their equipment is overpriced as there are a lot of custom shops that can build a superior rifle for the same cost with better parts.

I have built most of my own rifles.  My first was a Bushmaster Carbine with 14.5" barrel & welded brake.  It would eat any ammo you fed it, but wasn't the most accurate.  It also belched a lot.


If you own a Colt, the value is definitely going up.  The name recognition and perceived quality is still quite high, and if you want one you will have to pay more.

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Old Buck is right--Colt's stuff is ALWAYS overpriced. I wonder if the Colt CEO "genius boy" understands that Colt's market share of the AR-15 market will simply be picked up by S&W, Ruger and lots of smaller manufactures. Assuming that Americans are as pussy-whipped as the beta-simps of New Zealand and Australia is a catastrophic mistake.   

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Check and litigation is the latest form of discussion. Colt as a company will try and run from it, however the lawsuits will catch them in the end.

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