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Looking for a lever action rifle? Look at Henry Rifles!  


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18/09/2019 1:18 pm  

I just bought a .22 lever action manufactured by Henry Repeating Arms.  It is the Frontier with an octagon barrel.

I bought it used from a local dealer.  It had a cheap scope and I removed it to use the iron sights.  It was then I realized it was missing the rear sight!

I hunted around for a replacement, and decided to call Henry to order the correct one.  I sent an email over to the parts department looking to buy one, even stating I was the one to lose it.  They sent me the complete rear sight for free!

The overall quality is amazing.  The trigger pull is phenominal: clean, crisp, no creep, and feels like a target trigger.

The finish is a bright hot blue, and the metal has been polished correctly before being dropped into the salts tank. 

The American Walnut furniture has a nice finish and has a decent grain structure.  It is not a boring piece of wood, but has nice colors to it. 

These rifles were made by craftsmen.

The Frontier model will cycle and shoot .22 short, long, and long rifle.  This model has a 20" barrel with a 1-16" twist.

Forget Marlin rifles unless it is an older model.  I have an older .45-70 guide gun with an 18" barrel, and it shoots fine.  The newly manufactured rifles are garbage.  Remington bought Marlin and the quality has tanked.  Not only do they look and shoot like shit, they have many issues with cycling and operation.  That's what you get when the experienced machinists are replaced with low skill button pushers.


Lever Action Octagon Frontier


Watch a video!

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