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Be careful - public swimming pools and cryptosporidium  


Old Buck
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03/07/2019 2:41 pm  

There are a lot of cases of cryptosporidium popping up this year, and the CDC has issued a warning.

Crypto is usually transferred to water sources thru feces.  We had a huge outbreak here in Milwaukee back in the 90s.

Seems like more kids are shitting in the pool, as single mommy hasn't been teaching them about cleanliness.  Doesn't suprise me when cooking a meal means stopping at McDonalds.

You won't see the cause of this in the report, but WHO is taking these children to the pool?  Put the blame where it lies.

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Uly The Cunning
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04/07/2019 5:35 am  

Single mothers often do not properly teach children how to wipe their butt, especially forgoing this on boys. I had an experience with this, where I was in an emergency room after a car accident. This was back in 2001. There was a female with her son, maybe 5 years old, who was complaining to the female behind the counter, because the instruction was that she would have to wipe her sons butt for him. He had his arm in a cast, but unsure of what else might be injured on the little boy. I will never forget this, because the mother was complaining about having to do this and say, "but poop is gross!" More concerned of her touching or seeing it than the welfare of her son. That is the level of mothering this son had to look forward to. 

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