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Friday Night Organ---Bach leaves Anhalt-Cothen and on to Leipzig  


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One of the problems Bach encountered at Cothen was the lack of educational opportunities (in terms of music) for his his children. As a result he began the composition know as the “Well Tempered Clavier”. This was meant as a teaching guide for students of music. Sadly other problems began to develop. In 1721 Prince Leopold married Frederica Henriette the princess of Anhalt Bernberg. Although the Prince was a man of class, education and distinction who was fond of the evening concerts at the castle. The princess had no love of music, art or literature; and she had no interest in the evening concerts. In essence she was a spoiled, uncouth, entitled brat who became jealous of Sebastian's relationship with the Prince. As MGTOW we all know how this little scenario played out---Bach fell from favor, the Prince lost “interest” in music and the princess nearly spent him into the poor house with her taste of the extravagant.

However in June 1722 Johann Kuhnau, the Kappelmeister of St. Thomas Church in Leipzig had died leaving the post vacant. Shortly thereafter Bach recived a letter from his old friend Telemann informing him that he had no intention of applying for the position—even though it had been offered to him behind the scenes. The position included not only composition and organ playing at the services but teaching the choir as well. Telemann was content to remain at his post in Hamburg. The potential problems with teaching a choir was well known to Bach. His years with the miserable choir of Arnstadt were still a fresh memory. St. Thomas on the other hand had established a choir beginning in the year 1212 and it was renowned for its excellence and tradition. Bach spent six months pondering whether to take up the position and in doing so nearly lost it to a Christoph Graupner, (1683-1760) the concert master for the Prince of Hesse. Only the personal intervention of the Prince to prevent Craupner from leaving left the postion open to Bach.

Thus in April of 1723 Bach resigned his position in Anhalt-Cothen---a bitter sweet decision since the charming Frederica Henriette had died just 10 days before and the Prince had miraculously recovered his love of music...quite a coincidence really. But Bach had made up his mind and it was off to Leipzig. He remained on friendly terms with Prince Leopold and in 1725 composed the cantata “Steigt freundig in die Luft” ( BWV 36a) on the occasion of the Prince's new marriage. The original music has been lost and “reconstructed”. Bach returned to Cothen one last time in March of 1729 on the occasion of the death of Prince Leopold. Composing for the funeral cantata: Klagt, Kinder, klagt es aller Welt (BWV 244a) sorry the music has be lost but it also has been “reconstructed” whatever that means.


Steigt freundig in die Luft” ( BWV 36a)


Klagt, Kinder, klagt es aller Welt (BWV 244a)


Since I mentioned him here is a piece of music by Graupner: Sinfonia en fa majeur:


And just for brother Yumbo! The following:


Now then the Well Tempered Clavier Book I:


And Book II


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