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Matcha Savage
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22/06/2019 11:57 am  

Just let the Brits speak for themelves, will ya? They got loads of things to say.


John Cleese about leaving the UK behind for good:

"I am sickened by the corruption - and it isn´t until you start studying it, that you begin to realize what is going on, because the papers are so much a part of it."


"The British public is not hearing anything remotely like the truth. I want to draw attention to it, that´s all - and people can make their minds up."


UK Internet Censorship has begun under Cameron in 2013


Tommy Ronbinson at Oxford Union in 2015


The EU is a Threat to Democracy - Jacob Rees-Mogg at Oxford Union


Blackadder´s Treaty of Westphalia (1648) "You are really spoiling us!" Wait for it!


Tommy Robinson speaks with Tucker Carlson after prison release in 2018


Yes, Minister on Brussel´s committees "To defend the indefensible and make the unworkable work."


Juncker vs. Farage at the European Parliament in 2016


Jen and Brad - good chicken - a modern classic


Verhofstadt and Farage at the European Parliament in 2019


EU Army Parade in slow motion as shown by The Guardian (feat. the EU commission allstars)


SJW´s Censoring the UK Comedy Scene


South Park TSoT: Censored Scenes in EU by Eurogamer


The Longest Day - John has a long moustache


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Old Buck
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22/06/2019 11:59 am  

It is the same story over here...


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Matcha Savage
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22/06/2019 1:27 pm  

Same here. The comedians are worse, though.


I really liked Loriot, who said (in Germany) the time for his (let´s say more subtle and intelligent) humour has passed.

...a while after saying this, he passed on, himself. RIP

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