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Profiles of Strong and Independent Women: Part 13 - Amanda Bynes


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Greetings everyone.  As you'll read below, a once up-and-coming actress Amanda Bynes is not a complete train wreck.  The write-up explains.  If you do a web search you'll find that she's fucked up.  She got arrested for throwing a bong out of a window.  She's also bat shit crazy and got caught sleeping on a show room bed at a mattress store in Austin, TX.  The store employees had to kick the bitch out.  She's also blown most of her money.  For all of these reasons and more that you'll read about, she's one strong and independent woman!

                                  Amanda Bynes

Back in Mental Health Facility ... Stress-Induced Relapse

3/1/2019 8:57 AM PST




Amanda Bynes is under the care of mental health professionals and addiction counselors again after suffering a relapse ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to her family tell us ... Amanda checked into an L.A.-area rehab facility in January -- the end result of a backslide that we're told started months earlier. You'll recall, Amanda was on the cover of Paper magazine in November. 

We're told the pressure of being back in the public eye, plus auditioning in Hollywood again ... was just too much, too soon for Amanda. 

She's getting treatment for drug addiction along with mental health issues, according to our sources, who also say she's still getting a ton of support from her parents.

As we reported ... Amanda revealed in the Paper feature her 2006 role in "She's the Man" sent her into a spiral of severe depression. She also blamed a lot of her troubles and infamous moments on drugs. At the time of the article, she said she was 4 years sober.

Bynes was diagnosed with bipolar disorder years ago and has been in and out of mental health facilities multiple times in the past decade. During one of her worst episodes, Amanda set a fire in a neighbor's driveway and nearly burned her dog

She eventually got treatment and her condition improved greatly. She'd been studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in L.A. up until last year ... when she said she wanted to get back into acting.

Amanda remains under a conservatorship started by her parents, but it's been run by a mental health professional since 2014.

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What it is about child stars from Disney, Nickelodeon, etc that have drug and sex addictions and are then diagnosed with Bi-Polar "like" symptoms. 

Maybe we can work on a simple screening test to keep studios from hiring them.  Think of the upfront resources that would be saved.

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The simple fact they are child stars I think does it. They are entitled from the get go. Their not expected to do anything. Disney is also notorious for keeping a tight hold on their 'property'.  When the age out of Disney they have a massive wake up call and realize they aren't little prince/princesses. Bunch of money, rude awakening, they loose their minds. We see it now with slags that hit the wall and have some money left. They go off the deep end. Its not excusing their behavior but explaining it.

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