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Profiles of Strong and Independent Women: Part 24 - Alyssa Bustamante


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This one is a bit dark y'all, so I'll let you the reader decide whether or not to click on the link.  Essentially a young woman decided to kill her younger sister via a premeditated act.  The killer wrote about it in her diary and said that it was awesome.  Strong and independent? This one is evil and monstrous.

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I had many close calls as a baby and young kid.

My sister cunt hated my sheer existence. She was 8 years older than me, was raised as "Papa's little princess". Then, at age 8, the attention was taken away from her.

She had to go to school and the family was building a house... But the vile and spoiled 8-year old cunt projected it all on me...

She screamed "I wish the piece of shit was dead" or "I wish he would fall out of the window"... For years, until I was big enough to hit her back. And threaten her back.

Hearing me breathe was enough to get her going. Like a predator, but one that simply wants to hurt and is not in it for the food.

I had to threaten to kill her cat if she keeps kicking me in my tiny toddler balls. (The doctor once had to pull them back out, they had disappeared due to a kick in the belly) (Premium abuse, and the cunt got away with it, not even a slap in the face was administered).

The threat to choke her cat worked. And running her cats off (driving them away) worked as well.

It showed her that I am the actual boss and she is just a piece of shit at the other end of my mercy... (Turning the table on her, but she wanted it that way, I never took shit from women again)

As a baby, my notoriously "blind" parents and the sadistic grandmother gave her orders to change my diapers... It was like being in a fight against Terminator. The black spots I had even as a baby were so visible that they "took her off the case" and let me rot in my shit instead. (Until they got around to do it, after their small talk and chatter was over) (Cunts are fucked up and giving them any power was the final nail to our society)

(What saved me was when I (at age 1 + some months) walked "naked" into the hairdressing salon and people saw my black spots... And that was when my blind parents were embarrassed and had to act. People were asking uncomfortable things.)

My sister cunt would also knock me on the head every few days... "See, he is so dumb, you have to knock to get something out of him"...

I then always ran into the hairdressing place and showed my concussions. Some of them were quite big and had a huge elevation. You could see them and feel them like a huge tumor. (It stopped when I was around 5 and threw small furniture after the useless cunt) (Later, I would freak out and show her the knife)

I was 1.5 years when I began to use the toilet. Fear made me develop very early and my neuronal networks are highly evolved.

No more female induced carnage in my life. One more cat lady created that I will not endure of have around me, complaining about every fart I make.

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When I was young and in high school, I met a girl who was a lot like this. I was really into her and when I discovered her dark inner thinking, I could not get away from her faster. She would choke and drown cats for fun. Strong and independent females are all about hurting others and being mentally unstable, it seems. 

"Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honor, which is probably more than she ever did."
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