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Profiles of Strong and Independent Women" Part 26 - Rebecca Twig  


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31/05/2019 10:38 pm

Rebecca Twigg is a 50 something homeless women in Seattle.  She won a medal in the Olympics in the 90s or 80s.  She's so strong and independent.  I mean come on, she's homeless! Just read though the article about how she's lived on the street for years and hasn't had a job for longer.  She even feels bad when she sleeps in a bed in the homeless shelter.  Why? Because her homeless buddies are living on the street! HAHAHAHA!!! I wonder if she feels bad that she can pee without it hurting like hell.  Because you know, some people suffer from excruciating pain when they pee due to medical conditions.

Happy The Not Very Happy Clown
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01/06/2019 5:17 am  

It's a problem. A serious one at that. I'm glad that you posted this article as I don't feel enough is being done about the number of homeless 'women' on the streets nowadays. 

It's a horrific statistic....look - 

Image result for one in four homeless people are women

One in four!!! That's almost 25%!!!! In other words, there is only 3 homeless men to every homeless woman.