Men Deserve MGTOW - Review Of A Video By TVOR  


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"I wonder how many men are rolling in their graves, seeing today, what we have, the system that we have, and how many of them would have fought for such a system, knowing full well that this is where it would end up."





"And then it struck me... A lot of what the bible talks about is basically going MGTOW. You know, it´s that whole if you must take a wife (if you cannot help it) kind of situation. "If you must" that is kind of the bible´s attitude towards men and women being together. If you must... And it warns the shit out of you in every facet of the bible."



For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth,

And the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind. - Isaiah 65:17





"The meaning that we have, the meaning that we can find, is through MGTOW. I´d say that the slogan "the best a man can get" shouldn´t be for Gilette, it should be for MGTOW. MGTOW - the best a man can get. Especially these days, especially in the West. Why? I think it´s pretty obvious:

-no legal entanglements

-no financial entanglements

-no loosing your children

-no heartbreak over that

-no getting cheated on

-no STDs

-no drama

-money is your own

-do what you want, when you want, how you want

-go where you want, when you want, how you want

-living your life on your terms

-buying what you want, when you want

-if you wanna screw somebody, do it when and how you want

-if you don´t, you don´t.

It´s the ultimate freedom in a society that is shouldering all the responsibility (on them) and giving men none of the agency to do what they need to do."



First of all: stop being a cuck (blue piller/beta simp). The rest will come to you, naturally. Party Of One - On Idolizing Cucks MGTOW



"Female nature hasn´t changed that much, if at all in 40-50-60-70 years - we just see the worst of it, now, we get to see it en masse, but that´s why Men Deserve MGTOW. We deserve to be liberated from societal expectations pertaining to women and society. The (correspondent) societal contract is gone. It is no longer on the books. We should be fine with that (and doing our own thing).


The nice thing of today is, that even when you are the cannon fodder of society, you can rebuild and restart as a MGTOW, it´s not a problem, it´s not like you got shot down on Omaha Beach or anything like that. Right? There is no coming back from that one. This one you can come back from."





















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The biggest message to those who suffered through marriage:  your life IS NOT over.  

There are many hurdles and obstacles in life.  When your path in life changes, you have a choice in the direction you take.


Do NOT chase tail. Turn yours around and live FREE!