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The "Incel/PUA" troll infiltrator  

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17/01/2020 7:01 am  
Posted by: @gargamel
Posted by: @xanthine

This whole idea that guys who fuck a lot of chicks are alpha is retarded. Women in general, young western women in particular, are kind of stupid. They are gullible, have horrible judgement, and they make terrible decisions when left to their own devices. The guys they choose to fuck are often just as stupid and worthless as they are.

Oh my God you speak from my heart.

Not wanting to be like these guys was one of my main "consolation" whenever I saw the "pretty" girls making out with these dumbfucks in the schoolyard.

Or running after these men because of their non-paid-off cars.

These men were no role model to ever be aspired to.

Women chose such men because these "outside alphas" were in fact "internally" weak and put up with all of the female bullshit.

Strong men do not take shit and drama from women and are thus put on the back burner: The "plan B" guy she might "tolerate for a while" so he can pay off her debt or fix her broken shit. After that, these cunts are back on the dumb-cock carousel of "emotionally available" men, aka little bitches raised by single mothers to be like girls... One man usually dumber than the other and all of them combined made her lose her ability to pair bond.

Real alphas get the one night stands and cunts leaving with banging doors when they find out he does not change a thing for her golden vagina. 

I think that guys who f**k lots of different women (E.g. 10+ in 2 years) are far from alpha males. They tend to be narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, and empty. Just like the women whom they f**k.  This is not a healthy paradigm.  Usually, these people are messed up in the head and lead empty lives.


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17/01/2020 3:53 pm  

This topic reminds me of "cunts punted" on the kitty litter site.

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