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Busted! How Cell Phones are Causing Female Prison Population to Skyrocket - Females underestimating the power of video evidence, LOL.  


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21/05/2019 6:53 am  

Busted! How Cell Phones are Causing Female Prison Population to Skyrocket - Females underestimating the power of video evidence, LOL.

For centuries women have gotten away with murder because the gynocentric society was hell bent on defending the lie that the female gender is full of inner goodness and "can do no wrong".

Deeply engraved in the minds of people is the belief system that men are toxic and "criminals by design" and must be the bad guy in any and every situation a crime was committed.

Testimony by men would always rank second behind that of a (lying) woman.

Women always knew that and played that system elegantly.

Men were never believed when they reported the abuse carried out by a female companion or family member. The female perpetrator would always get a pussy pass because or her "beauty", her flirtatiousness, her "openness", her 2-faced-ness - like making a good appearance, talking smart and dressing well on court-case-judgment day.   

Now, video evidence shows the violent cunts "live in the act" without their angel faces, their make-up and their nice dresses.

It shows the ghetto cunts without having their tattoos covered on court trial date.

Video evidence shows how vile and unhinged they often kick and beat on their victims.

Women lie: Like if you hear my mental sister cunt speak about me. No one would believe what a hypocritical moron she is and nobody would ever imagine her vile standoffs including the kicking and beating... As a kid, I was almost considered "derailed" for defending myself. But everyone saw that it was ridiculous. A 3 year old being violent to an 11 year old...??? Something in her bullshit did not fit her side of the story.

Back in the 70's there was no home video for normal people like us. I had to psycho-program the cunt to go off in front of people so they would see who the aggressor is. (Later, the audio cassette recorder opened my parents' minds on what they did wrong while raising their beautiful and sweet princess.)

Now, we have cheap cameras on all levels of life.

Men, boys and toddlers are well advised to use these for recording female violence and emotional abuse. Huge SD cards cost close to nothing now...

What a paradise full of tools to prove a man's suffering and innocence in case a situation escalates.

Cameras can document long term mental torture over time. Like 365 days, when the cunt goes off on you at breakfast time - over nothing, when you are just her emotional lightning rod... Archive these things on a cloud server where the cunt can't get to them... Put them on 2 servers. Or archive them on a hill of hard disks like I archive the MGTOW stuff. And put that hill in a rented bank storage drawer. And always have 2 copies...

Soon, (I predict) we will have changes in divorce laws and then such PROVEN abuse is relevant to having to pay the cunt alimony OR NOT.

Or use the stuff if the cunt tries to use the "silver bullet" and accuses you of rape or DV. The camera will show who did the DV and once the cunt sees her offense and shit show on YouTube, her divorce lawyer has a much lower bargaining position. 

The camera technology can save you life and keep you out of prison.

Females must soon realize that their unhinged behavior will soon be seen and recognized by the entire population and it might "force-correct them" / AKA shut them down... It might. (I never saw a woman learn anything from her mistakes)

Even if the cameras are illegal... What is better: Moving into the big house for 15 years because of a lying cunt or pay a fine for "privacy infringement"?

If the evidence does not get accepted in court, put it on YouTube. Even corrupt judges often think twice about exposing their own bias and hypocrisy by making verdicts against the press and public opinion.

Men, always be "the one that got away"!


Here is Ronin Man's narration on that great development.

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21/05/2019 7:03 am  

Here is something to learn.

If than man would have had his special unicorn snowflake on camera, the cops wold have helped him and his story would have been cut short.

By the time this man went through all of this, cameras were still big and expensive. Now, the situation has changed.

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I honestly don't know why body cameras have not become the social norm.  My phone has saved me on several occasions, one of the best was when I had to request emergency services and she broke the phone as I was calling. Retreated and had the neighbors call, with my newborn in my arms. The police showed up she had self inflicted wounds, and admitted to preventing me from calling emergency services. Evidence was to great and off she went. Family court still got me later but I don't have a arrest on my record.  Other incidents include wounds received,  I sent the pictures out requested the person to not cloud store them but save them until their needed, if I disappear or 'suicide'. Mark Zutterburg come on I know you want Facebook with share cameras! 

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