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Jeffrey Morgan: Marriage is NOT a Legally-Protected Status in the State of Texas  


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25/05/2019 8:44 pm  

Jeffrey Morgan: Marriage is NOT a Legally-Protected Status in the State of Texas

I just ran across another YT channel from Zeitgeist Eater's MGTOW Mirror channel list and copied it. 110 GB and 680 videos.

And this relatively new clip caught my eye:

Here is the description:

From Jeff Morgan, the creator:

In my testimony before the Texas House Juvenile Justice and Family Issue Committee, I asserted that marriage is NOT a legally-protected status in Texas. In fact, our divorce law (insupportability, 6.001 of the Texas Family Code) is, for all intents and purposes, the EXACT SAME KIND OF LAW THAT VLADIMIR LENIN IMPOSED ON BOLSHEVIK RUSSIA in an attempt to abolish the family. Moreover, unilateral no-fault divorce is unconstitutional in Texas in that it is a special law. The legislature is PROHIBITED from passing such a law, yet they have done so anyway.

I think it is interesting to share.

It shows that the same things are now done in the West that the Communists in Russia already did to destroy the family - 100 years ago.

Shocking but true.

Listen to the guy if you ever think about getting married.


Just don't!

Much more is on his channel:

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Do not get married unless you want to be a slave to cunts and government. It is a losing move. just knock that king over and call the game, check mate.

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I don't know if you've ever lived in the U.S, Gargamel, but I have, and long enough and in enough various places to tell you that judges and prosecutors don't give a shit about the law in those Divided States, they just enforce whatever suits their damn sensibilities and feminist laws are at the top of their commandments. 

Whenever someone here asks me about living in the U.S and asks if it's a good idea to go there to live, I tell them they're better off going to Asia and that even China would be a better choice for them and not even go as a tourist. 

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This is actually interesting to me.  The Texas Legislator meets every two years for about six months.  We are in a current legislative session right now.  We've had lots of newly elected state reps and state senators because we jut had an election in November.  In fact the governor got reelected.  He's a good man and very conservative, I went to his swearing in ceremony.  It was great.  Anyway, a big part of how legislation works here is that bill get sent to committee for review before said bills go to the floor of the Senate or House to be voted on.  While in committee Texas citizens can come give testimony on what they think, how the bill will effect them, what in the past needs to be addressed that the bill will correct.  In fact this is highly encouraged.  So that's what the guy in the video is doing.  I can tell you that he's at the capitol building in Austin, that's what one of the conference rooms look like.  If you ever want to see a cool story look up the history of the Texas Capitol Building.  It goes back to the founding of the republic if I remember correctly and even Sam Houston and the rest of the original folks would meet there.  Sam Houston served twice as president of the Republic of Texas.