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More Good News! "Despite Propaganda, Homicides/Aggravated Assaults in US are Declining"!  


Matcha Savage
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05/08/2019 2:57 pm  

Watch it, here!


Yes, I know-I know, in the US of A you currently and all along have this lone (rightwing) gunman hype/hysteria of "mass shooters" medially shelled at you 24/7 in your obnoxiously fearmongering corporate news. But, look: your country ain´t that messed up as some really try hard to make you believe! Your people overall are not as bad as some really try hard to make you believe! You would probably even live a healthier/more relaxed life if you would not give a flying squirrel about people trying hard to make you believe whatsoever.

Homicides in the US have halved since 1990. So, f-ck you (err what´s his name again? Bowling for Columbine?) Michael Moore. You lying cunt. "Mass shooters" are only active and going on their rampages in zones where guns are banned and people cannot defend themselves. "Gun control" legislation makes it that the criminals can act with total impunity and inflict the greatest possible loss of human lives/damage until stopped.

Do not get me started as to how much "public killing sprees" historically (and admittedly/provably) have been orchestrated and used as political tools to manipulate, divide and conquer. This dung heap stinks to the high heavens, because there would be hardly any of this nonsense if not for political reasons and/or influence.


This site has been a scam from the start. I am outta here.

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