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The real reason for forcing everyone into their homes


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This virus scare has been short of the apocalypse that news and governments tell us. This is like the martix. We are living a lie. The true is something big is about to happen. We are being sent home and off the streets to better be ready for it. They will not tell us what it is to prevent mass panic. We are in for a big surprise. Those who do not prepare. Our world is changing. The danger is not this virus but a much worse untold global threat.

I read this recently in a post on my conspiracy site. Thoughts? Could we be facing something more apocalyptic?  I think it is possible. What do y'all think? I think we are about to have world war III.

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Well, I am cautious of anything I find on a site designed for conspiracy theories, as sometimes imaginations can override facts. That said, I do find that we have many interesting behaviors in our government, but it could be that they are concerned about being the popular vote in upcoming elections, and politics are a catastrophic mess with polar opposites currently. I would not put it past our governments to attempt to pull the wool over our eyes as your message states, but being able to keep it a secret is another matter entirely. For as long as we have communication at light speed, governments will have trouble keeping secrets on a massive scale.

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Any events that may spawn from this pandemic will be created by us humans.  We have nothing to fear but ourselves.

I have been watching some television recently, and have seen Nancy Pelosi on national TV exclaim to "never let a serious catastrophe go to waste".



People who want to control the world will use every tool given to them.  It is in our nature, our instinct, to take control of our surroundings.  It has happened countless times in our history and will continue to happen.  All we can do is prepare ourselves for the next time.  We can't stop it, we can only prolong the inevitable.  Slowly our freedoms will be reduced until as a Nation we wake up and once again fight the oppression.  Then it will be up to us to rebuild from the ashes.  The circle of life will continue 🙂



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Many people who read T.I.M. are Christians. I feel compelled to share a prophecy from the Book of Revelations that warns of an anti-savior (a.k.a. anti-Christ).  

Some theologians expressed the belief that St. John of Patmos was referring to the office of the emperor of Rome. Nero and Caligula became emperors a few years after Jesus' death upon the cross. They were initially hailed as saviors before they almost destroyed the Western world. 

Others feel that the anti-savior was not the Roman emperor, but is a "beast", a "man of lust" who will establish a golden age followed by an age of destruction, tyranny, and ruin.

Still others believe that the anti-savior is an human archetype who appears periodically in human history and is a greedy, destructive fraud who poses as a savior (E.g. Mao Tse Tung).

However one interprets Christian scripture, St. John's message is a symbolic warning to be very suspicious. Christians already have one savior and they should be most wary about any leader who appears to be assuming that role. 

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Mark of the beast anyone? 

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They did this all on purpose. They created a depression because they knew one was coming anyway. The engineered this one so that they could:

1) force private businesses (44% of US businesses) into bankruptcy, so that big corporations have less competition

2) give away trillions of dollars to failing mega banks and corporations, all of which would be going bankrupt without this massive stimulus anyway

3) exercise their power and control; people have now been conditioned, and during the next crisis they will go even further. I predict the next big push will be for a cashless society, vaccine computer chips, military on the streets to keep "order"

4) feed the welfare state; more unemployed people = bigger welfare state = more power and control for the left

5) win the 2020 election; they know Trump will lose if there is a recession, and they created a massive one

6) edge us all closer towards a socialist tyrannical society. Capitalism will be blamed, and they will promise us all a socialist Utopia as a solution


All the wealthy billionaires increased their wealth by around 10% during this crisis, at a time when most people are losing their jobs, homes, and having their income reduced. The stock market is rising every day as horrible data comes out about the economy; every day we are breaking new records, and not in a good way. We are witnessing manipulation, fraud, and outright theft on a scale never before seen in human history, and most people are completely clueless about it.

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There won't be any "WWIII" as the conventional term suggests, unless you consider multiple regional conflicts started relatively at the same time. If that's the case, there's already a WWIII as I write this.

No, they would NOT "announce" WWIII to the general public, not on the radio, not on tv, not on the Net. You'll know it when your city hall is taken by "rebels" or your house is ransacked by desperate people looking to survive just another day.

The Elites won't destroy the planet with nukes; they're evil, not stupid. This planet is still the only one they have. What's the point of being masters of a wasteland with servants dying from nuclear fallout?

" Nations will rise against nations, and kingdoms against kingdoms. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places, along with fearful sights and great signs from heaven. These are the beginning of birth pangs..."

Things will only continue to deteriorate and get worse, little by little, just like an apple rotting in the sun until the worms eat it all. Then, when everything in their so-called society crumbles and people are literally at each other's throat, the seals will be opened by He who is worthy and the Creator's judgement will begin. It will not be short and easy but long and horrible for those who have walked away from the Truth. During that time, people will want to die but will not be allowed to, children will turn their parents in to "authorities", brothers will kill their brothers, and repentance will be last on their mind, preferring to curse the Creator instead of looking inside for the culprit...

But there's more, way more for the one willing/interested/called to illuminate himself on such matters and spend the hundreds of hours required to go over the sacred texts, ponder over them, pray for the correct understanding until the soul is sated. Then start all over again and again and again...

This world is but a shadow of the real one and the mysteries of Reality won't be fully understood until the sun reaches its zenith and the shadow disappears entirely.




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