A tribute to some great comedians  


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This is a tribute to men enlightening us with great comedy, laughter and insight.
This time: Johnny Carson, Mel Brooks, Robin Williams and George Carlin.


"How are you, mad genius? - That´s what they call you."
-Johnny Carson asking Mel Brooks on the Tonight show 2/13/75



"You don´t think he is clever?!
Don´t think that´s genius, folks?!
Heh?! I´ll show you genius!"
-Johnny Carson informing the audience about his guest, Mel Brooks


"I like subtle. I don´t like that beat right upfront. You know what I mean?
I like to lay back and play it purple. You know what I mean? Soft colors!
You know? There is nothing yellow and orange about me. You know?
Pfffft, never."
-Mel Brooks´ instant follow up to Carson´s words from above


"They are not laughing like jews - for happiness.
You know what I mean? Or like Germans -
for killing. You know what I mean?"
-Mel Brooks about executives at Warner Brothers at 29:03


This goes on and on for almost half an hour (before Susan, "the German girl" comes in to be thoroughly crossinterviewed by Brooks and Carson). I can only recommend to "listen very carefully" (Gene Wilder in a clip of the (Mel Brooks´ movie) Young Frankenstein at 12:59). You might be surprised to hear about the boy from Waco, the reenactment of birth, "Sid (Ceasar) being terrific at the German professor" (citation Brooks) and what have you:


"What if you have a nut like that on the show:
`No, we are not gonna talk about anything,
we´ll just be here.´
-What do you mean:
"we are just gonna be?".
`We´ll just gonna be here
and they´ll be here
and the cameras
- and we´ll just be here.
But we are not gonna talk.
We don´t have to talk.
They´ll know, when we´ll know.´"
-Mel Brooks from 21:46 onwards


"It is funny!"
-Mel at 30:30


"In the beginning, [tho,] it was a little scary."
-Mel at 30:33






Johnny Carson: "You are possessed."
Robin Williams: "No, no."
-Tonight Show, 1987





"Free people before we had the plan in place - not working."
-Robin Williams impersonating President George W. Bush (senior) on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 5/21/92






"The CIA doesn´t kill people anymore. They neutralize someone."
-George Carlin, Euphemisms


"Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, then what do freedom fighters fight? Just askin´."
-George Carlin, Euphemisms


"The language has gotten so bad, it makes me wanna vomit."
-George Carlin, Euphemisms




"Let me tell you about endangered species."

-George Carlin, Save The Planet




This site has been a scam from the start. I am outta here.

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Thank you for this. Men know comedy and women only know cruel and not funny jokes. These men are great comedians and I enjoy this very much.

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One of the few benefits of Internet access is seeing recordings of the above comedians Matcha and realizing how truly funny the were/are.  Nothing like the attempts at humor being passed around today.  

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