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Financial Independence & The Carrot On The Stick.


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Hello gentlemen,

Today, I want to write about “financial independence”(FI) and “retire early”(RE), the popular “FIRE” acronym. This is a topic that has my mind divided in two, specially after ingesting the Red Pill.

After all, is FI even achievable? Or is it just another brainwashing method from “The Man” to keep us “sheep” working and working and working, thinking that, someday, we will finally dip our toes in some crystal blue ocean on a paradise like beach? In other words, is FI just a carrot on a stick to keep us moving forward, without any proper finish line?

I know most men here have gone through divorce and had their income reduced, and assets taken from them. And I’m not writing this topic to brag or shame anyone here, if their financial situation is subpar. Far from this, I’d really like to know your opinion on this subject, and the dichotomy on how does a Red Pilled man spend his money on himself!

After reading a lot of Red Pill content online, and (even before the Red Pill) also studying how to make money and, more importantly, how not to waste it and actually invest it and make it grow, it’s easy to see a broad behaviour difference between the Red Pilled Man and Blue Pilled Man:

  • Blue Pill: works his ass off for many decades of his life; makes a lot of money, but rarely spends it on himself; wife/girlfriend/sugar babies and his offspring take up most of his cash; intends to leave most of HIS own money for the aforementioned people, because that’s what a “REAL MAN” does for his family! Dies with regrets and without ever using his money for HIS own pleasure.
  • Red Pill: works his ass off; accumulates wealth, but knows when enough is enough! Uses money not to buy material assets, but to buy FREEDOM from the work treadmill (or “rat race” if you will); uses his money for himself and leaves little or nothing behind for his wife or offspring (if he has them), since he believes that they must EARN their own money. Dies without regrets and actually content that he lived his life to the fullest, within his own possibilities.

Now, here’s the thing: particularly in my case, I have a struggle between Hedonism and Stoicism, as a guide to live my Life. I’ve had this even before the Red Pill. And these two “schools of thought”, if you will, have what I picture as different approaches to money/consumerism: Stoicism preaches gratitude in having little and enjoying what you already have; Hedonism seems to stimulate pleasure above all things, satisfaction of ones desires constantly. Saving vs. Spending money, right?

So how does one balance between the immediate satiation of ones desires and the prudence of saving ones money?

On the other hand, do we REALLY know if we’ll ever get to live long enough to savour our hard earned cash? Nobody knows when we are going to die or how much time we’ve got left on this planet. So, to embrace the idiotic “You Only Live Once - YOLO” mentality would be the answer? The old “Carpe Diem”, “live like there’s no tomorrow” attitude? The constant fear that one might be “missing out” on Life’s pleasures, by being too conservative (?) with their income?

At last, how do you guys manage your money? What’s your thoughts on this FI deal? When is “enough money” enough?

I’m very close to achieving this so called FI, mostly due to my strong restrictions on my own consumerism desires (from sport cars to fancy vacation destinations), but when I look around me, sometimes I get the feeling that I could be enjoying more of Life’s so called material pleasures more often (cars, bikes, steaks, craft beers, etc.), like I see so many people doing.

Hope to hear some insight from you guys, regardless of where you’re at financially speaking.



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There once was a playstation ad that showed "cradle to grave" imagery. I guess it signified the shortness of life; so get playing, attitude. I think life is like the board game - snakes & ladders. Of course, Monopoly also laughs in our faces, when you see the significance & resemblance to the system. A board game that contains an oxymoron...quite a ridicule I feel.

It's a gamble that money accrued will be used or sucked back. Hobbies are very expensive and therefore there must be a trade off between using money wisely (to eat & stuff) and keeping ones car serviced or camera up to date for example. If we knew when we were going to be visited by the Grim Reaper, we might be able to work out our daily expenditure.

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Vacationing is such a sissy thing to do. You hauler your ass to different locations, doing all the touristy things. You board a tourist bus to meet soyboys and their wives. You see the normies going to museums and taking selfies and shit for the instawhore and facecrap, not considering the cultural significance or any of that. That is one place that I don't spend my money on.

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