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Silver, I won't stop harping about it.


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I filed my taxes after many years of being too lazy to do it. I'm libertarian. Taxation is part of government. 'Government' is military, law enforcement, and courts. 

Justice against murder, is part of life on earth. No matter how many hugs are passed around. Or how utopian a society is. Someone, at some point in time will murder another person. That really sucks. Someone or some group will seek redress against it. Government is then formed.

Going to a 'tax professional'. Checking some boxes on a government form. To then get back a portion of the money taxed away from my labor. Is an egregious affront. 

Officially, state to me a 'citizen'. This is the rate from you 'citizen', required to maintain governance. Good, .gov does it's thing. I do mine, fishing, bartending, competitive eating promoter, whatever. 

The 'government' always fucks around. It's almost like a Christmas tree. That every unscrupulous moron. Attaches an ethical, or disciplinary ornament to. Believing that one more ornament. Will make life a better place on this earth. The idiots.

The silver lining literally, for me is. The labor scammed from me. I use to buy some silver. 

'Government' can't print zillions of ounces of silver. No amount of nuclear, x-ray, plasma beam sci-fi crap. Can bully other nations into submitting to it. Silver is an intrinsically valuable metal.

A financially responsible man. Can aquire it, without going to extreme lengths of suffering. You can buy 1, 5, or 10 ounce bars. It's real value.

To end my pulpit speech. This paper money, industrialized government alliance. Can't last forever. The 'great reset', will be another financial failure. Your silver will still have value when the 'great reset' happens. Your dollars, pounds, yen, or whatever other toilet paper might not.

God bless brothers.

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I looked at silver stores after reading this NR. Lots of dealers with low or no stock I noticed here in the UK. Great to invest in precious metals in small denominations I feel. Trading in silver could prove tricky. Me personally would stock up on seeds and non perishable food stuffs. Alcohol/liquer could be worth stocking up on also. Small bottles of this could be traded easier. Barter might be necessary. Looks like "the great reset" could obliterate all currencies anyway, so maybe gold and silver could be worth scrambling for.