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A Valuable LinkedIn Write-Up About Worthless College Degrees  


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The above link is to a LinkedIn write-up about why liberal arts degrees are worthless in today's world.  This article is solid and delivers the hard truth.  It even quotes Booker T. Washington.  Unfortunately a quick web search brought up several other links touting the "benefits" of liberal arts degrees.  You know what? My life experience, and the life experience of the few friends that I have has shown that liberal arts degrees are IN FACT WORTHLESS.  Yep, y'all heed the article's information.

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Good one Travis. 

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Unfortunately, the "person" (and I use that term loosely) will not understand any of the article and would still acquire a gender studies degree.  The people who need to read that the most won't heed the warning...

Feed those "people" the new RNA vaccine first! 

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Do you consider Gender and Women's studies are valid degrees to be studied  at College? - GirlsAskGuys

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Critical thinking and writing are the most important skills you can have in life, and humanities are what define a culture and define the best of its people. Anyone can do the grunt work, college is to raise leaders and thinkers. The problem is more that we are requiring college degrees for jobs that didn't require them 50 years ago. STEM never needed to be college courses, they are nothing more than trades for the most part. Science is an exception mostly because the research is tied to schools, but that should also likely be fixed.

Right now something like 80% of the population is going to college. We really don't need that. We really only need some 15-20% to go. It would make more sense to lower wages for some other professions like law and medicine, and spin those off. Back in the 50s and 60s most jobs paid about the same, and that makes way more sense. Let the lower classes just work. Let the higher classes think. That's the way it should be.

I don't like this system of pushing people into education, and then attacking them afterwards for institutionalized and systematic macroeconomic trends.

I am a military vet, I would suggest most people enlist rather than go to college. Trades should be an option as well. Apprenticeships should very much be the norm. Europe has the better system.

Historically, the elite schools were all humanities based. Very few people did STEM at Harvard and Yale. MIT of course was the big STEM school, but it was unquestionably a far notch below. It was the best of the best of STEM however, along with a few other good schools, and that's all that was needed. We do not need hundreds of schools. A dozen is all that should exist at the university level. Community colleges should be open for everyone else, at whatever stage of life, and also as less a job training center and more of improving and educating the public. And that is best done, unquestionably, through philosophy, ethics, and other such subjects that are next to worthless for jobs but are extremely important for a culture and for a people.

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