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Burger King - Home of the Whopper...  


Old Buck
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15/07/2020 4:17 pm  

Boy, what a whopper it is.

Burger King announced they are testing a theory of feeding lemon grass to cows in an effort to reduce methane emissions.

The chain has re-balanced the diet of some of the cows by adding lemon grass in a bid to limit bovine contributions to climate change. By tweaking their diet, Burger King said July 14 that it believes it can reduce a cow’s daily methane emissions by about 33 percent….

Burger King worked with scientists at the Autonomous University at the State of Mexico and at the University of California, Davis to test and develop its formula of adding 100 grams of lemongrass leaves to the cows’ daily diets. Preliminary tests indicate that the lemongrass leaves help the cows release less methane as they digest their food.


Burger King Bows to the Climate Change Mob With ‘Reduced Methane Emissions’ Cows


Will there be a study to see if there are any NEGATIVE effects if the cows ingest lemon grass?  Are there phyto-hormones in lemon grass? 

I am not interested in their veggie burger, no matter how it tastes.  I "steer" clear of soy products.

As for the lemon grass, if the burgers taste less shitty, then I'm all for it.  I am doing my part, anyways, by eating those nasty methane emitters. 


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Uly The Cunning
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16/07/2020 6:16 am  

We are only concerned of appearance and appeasing the mentally unstable, also known as the liberal, feminist, blm, kkk, or any organization or group that behaves without logic or common sense. No matter how hard I try, I cannot understand these people, and I am grateful for that. I assume that the majority of them are just incapable to think for themselves, due to low intelligence. As for the rest, they are led by greed, hate and other motivations that should be shunned, not followed or allowed.

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20/07/2020 4:05 pm  

If those "mentally unstable, aka the liberal, feminist, blm, kkk, or any organization or group that behaves without logic or common sense"  haters would just shut their fucking trap, we wouldn't have so much carbon emissions.

They blame the cows for the methane while their hot air is the actual culprit. They're the ones who need to go.

Fuck 'em, I'll keep the cows.

Don't let them blame, shame or tame you!

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